Caveats on Signing Up

In signing up for a timism account, you recognize that the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth trumps all other laws, regulations and imperatives. We would not be suffering the existential meltdown and global warming if other human legal, illogical laws were not at odds with Mother Nature eternal logical laws.

  1. Humans who claim extra-terrestrial relationship with out-of-this-world beings are illogical aliens. Their claims of special knowledge and communications (prayer) are the values behind how the road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.
  2. If we are to be saved from global dying, it must be and will be by logical earthlings observing that 1+1=2, not absurdities like 1+1+1=1.
  3. Calls for prayer are obstructive and useless: If prayers in home and churches worked, there would be no need for public prayer.
  4. Calls for further violation of church-state separation will only lead to wider-spread religious civil strife which has dominated history and catalzyed almost every human war.
  5. Never has a church-state not ended in hell and damnation on earth for its people. The best example was the Papal States which were constantly at war killing and being killed.
  6. Prince of Peace? No! Based on the actions of Christians. Christians will have peace when all are dead but the last one.
  7. When was the last agnostic war fought over who was more uncertain of god's existence?
  8. In truth, all religious wars ended with the logical earthlings who knew that Mother Nature helped those who helped themselves, e.g., Nazi Germany and Shinto Japan.
  9. If we all prayed 24-7, would our problems go away? Every thought devoted to the remnants of an ancient mountain god of a primitive desert tribe is counter-productive, wasteful time indulging in false hopes and shared fantasies.
  10. The Primary Moral Imperative to save life on earth is a necessity born of results of over-population: global warming. Prolifers are really Prolitter, littering the planet's landscrpe with more people than Mother Nature and support. Prolitter are winning fetal battles while losing the fatal war. Prolitter facilitators? Religions, United Nations and Nobel Prizes.

Thus, if you signup for an account, your participation in timism must be constructive not obstructive. People injecting religion into public policy-making will have their timism accounts cancelled along with any awards accumulated. One be religious on their own time but not public time, a separation of church and state.

Religion is like homosexuality. What you do in the privacy of your home or church is ok, but learn to take no for an answer. Don't be so insecure that you have to assuage your inferiorities by forcing your beliefs on others. That is how wars begin. Don't force it on others. In other words, you can be a religious nut at home but it will not be tolerated in timism. The separation of church and state and sex and state should follow the same rules.

A house divided against itself cannot survive. The Primary Moral Imperative cannot succeed if illogical religions claim pre-eminence in setting the agendas. Global dying is not helped by the faithful driving their gas-guzzlers to church to pray for world peace anymore than, during the black plague, the faithful traveling from village to village proclaiming the black plague was god's curse. In truth, it was the vermin in the pilgrims' dirty clothes that spread the bubonic plague across Europe killing whole towns and villages. Igknowance is bliss until the igknowed laws blitz your self-lies.

In summary, anyone can sign up as long as they leave their religion at the door and don't wear it on their shoulders.

P.S. If I am wrong, your god will send me to burn in hell. If you are right, your god doesn't need your help to punish me. Any physical attack upon my person is an admission of your lack of faith in the power of your god. When your god talks to you is it really only you repeating unquestioned self-lies? Go pray and let me try to save life on earth, the Primary Moral Imperative.