Membership Guidelines

Individuals found to have more than one membership in Democratic Capitalism will be permanently barred from membership. To wit, "Those who would subvert the democratic process deserve none of its benefits." Other measures including civil litigation and employment boycotting may be initiated until legislation is enacted for stealing another's right to self-determinatioin.

Please do not seek more than one account. Having more than one active account incurs the loss of all accounts, accumulated lifehours and future participation. Before lifehour tax credits are actually formalized, you will need to provide a personal identification number. Other security measures will be used to ensure the integrity of better democracy and capitalism.

If you find yourself with more than one account by the actions of someone sponsoring you without your permissionl, simply cancel the duplicate.

The sponsor's account may also be canceled. Don't sponsor someone without their permission and acknowledgement of having no account. Be sure to qualify anyone who ask you to sponsor him or her.


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