No Religious Leaders allowed in Timism

Religious leaders are historical and contemporary trouble-makers. Religious leaders should exercise their proclaimed power of prayer in church and home rather than polluting public policy-making with irrelevant fabrications of reality. Calls for public prayer is an admission that private prayer does not work.

Person-for-person, directly and indirectly, no group is more responsible for climate change, global warming and global dying, e.g., overpopulation from pro-litter selfishness. Pro-litter, anti-abortion, proletariats (big litters) win fetal battles while losing the fatal war of saving life on earth. Instead of supporting the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on earth they advocate the Primordial Mental Igknowance. The worsening global civil war (index ... vid) between knowledge and igknowance will not stop until religious leaders man up to lying to the flocks which they fleece. (return)

The originating source of the US immigration problem including kids without parents is the religious leaders who tell the flock to have bigger families. What happens when parents have kids they cannot afford? What happens when humanity has religious-catalyzed pro-litters that Mother Nature cannot afford? The happening is unfolding before your eyes all around world--crime, terrorism, wars, etc. Careless caring is a road to hell paved with good intentions from bad values.

Religions are only good when nothing is going wrong. As such, they are social clubs. They do not solve problems if one does the cradle-to-grave analysis. Snapshots of happy campers does not convey the video impact of forest destruction from too many campers, i.e., global warming from too many people.