Building Nations is to nation building like cell phones are to underdeveloped countries. With cell phones, countries have been able to bypass infrastructure cost in time and money to have a system better than telephone lines and poles. Likewise with Nations lacking democracy can step up to a level of better democracy without the infrastructural time and cost of corruption and civil war.

When a head of state for life is a good idea.

As a rule--and few have made a greater commitment to this rule than this author--democracy is the best problem-solving system for humanity. Previously, monarchies were the best system for better problem-solving. Sometimes a combination of the two benefits a people better than either one alone. The best example is the British Constitutional Monarchy and Commonwealth of Nation. England's Head of State (Queen or King) can recall a government and call for new elections not only in Great Britain but in nations of the Commonwealth. This is a power rarely used, only when the monarch deems the political party in power to no longer be a problem-solving system for the people. The monarch's interest in the people 's well-being is longer than the next election , an interest with a historical perspective and concern based on the security of national well-being that is above political expediency for the next election.

Many nations--if not all--could benefit better problem-solving. Some have not been able to implement a democratic process in the face of rising problems. In many nations, individuals have risen within the social-economic structure to become de facto monarchs for life, a.k.a., dictators. Almost without exception, dictators start out with the best of intentions only to be worn down by the burdens of office. Dictators have the power to solve problems but they don't have a process to solve problems wherein dictators, like everyone else, only have a few good hours of problem-solving each day.

With time, the dictators' failures come to haunt them, penning them in as they become the focus of anger from those who do no have their problems solved. To different degrees, the following dictators fall into this class declined (not divine) rulers: Castro, Mushariff, Putin, and Arafat. Timism has a proposal whereby certain

  • nations can make the transition to better democracy
  • while continuing to tap the national concern of the dictators
  • all the while guaranteeing the personal safety and political tutelage.

Timism is providing global democracy for a growing number of  countries . Letters to current leaders can be reviewed in the links. Basically, timism argues for a universal declaration of immunity and lifelong head-of-state for certain leaders. These leaders' hearts were in the right place but they could not put their hands on a problem-solving process like Brain Bees. Now that the means are available world-wide via the internet, humanity has a choice of two courses for implementing better democracy:

  1. Revolution: Bloody, murderous social, economic and political upheavel as the proponents of democracy fight the rear-guard reactionaries.
  2. Evolution: Peaceful establishment of one-time constitutional monarchies in which the dictator is declared a constitutional monarchy for life with a security and stipends.

The march to democracy may be delayed but goal of many heros will be achieved.

The cost of a peaceful, inspired transition to a better problem-solving via constititional monarchies will be far less than economic destruction. If the heart of the good, but increasing strained, dictator is allowed to shape democratic forces, both the dictator and nation will live longer. The United States of America should pay prudent pennies for peace to save dumb dollars from defense.

Building nations also means rebuilding nations: Argentina, A Gold Plan for A Silver Land

Note: If England has done a good job of making a part of humanity, England, better. Monarchies were a step on the evolutionary ladder of problem-solving systems, allowing more people to be organized to a common effort to solve problems that lesser numbers of people could not solve. Pax Britannica could not have been without Rule Britannia. Pax Britannica brought more good than bad, e.g., the end of commercial slave trade on the high seas. The ole gals--Britannica and Elizabeth--done good.