Review Committee Editors

Each brain bee has a review committee that consists of the last three to nine winners of that brain bee. Thus, the reviewers will better reflect the relevancy of the current participants than can be found in many modern ossified bureaucracies.

Aspects and functions of the review committees:

  1. When a person wins, he is added to the bottom of the list of the reviewers with the most senior member being retired.
  2. The top seven issues of the cycle are emailed to the review committee members for comment with a security code.
  3. Members can comment on the winning items by creating a webpage with their commentary.
  4. In the email subject line, the member can enter the webaddress of the commentary for replay to The webaddress is added to the archive of that brainbee for that period.
  5. Editors receive one lifehour credit for submitting a review as well as the satisfaction that their spin is memorialized for others to consider and ponder.

The originator of reserves the right to add commentary, especially on the keystone concepts.

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