Everyone Talks about having national debates on issues ... but

Everyone talks about having national debates on issues ... Too many pundits feel they have done their jobs by pronouncing the need for debate without taxing their brains and time to come up with a meaningful, inclusive process to manage debate. The pundits are akin to Leona Helmsley who said that taxes are for little people, in other words, the nuts, bolts and sweat of developing national debates is for someone else. Numerous are the experts too important to fulfill or live the conclusions of their prognostications, e.g., your average preacher or your average Al Gore.

Talk is only the first of the four steps necessary to solve problems: descriptions, organization, and motivation. But where are the other three steps? Where? At Timism:

  1. Describe (brainbees)
  2. Prescribe (brainbees)
  3. Organize (brainbees), and,
  4. Motivate (lifehours).

The provided brainbees are objective without the influence of the money dictators who control the "liberal media." By "putting pen to paper" via the keyboard, the message will be clearer than the visual media whereat the programmers think the quality of the message is improved by cluttering the rhythm of mass communication with pretty distractions that dumb down the recipient. Brainbees are education of, by, and for the people as the quality of the message improves with each division by seven.

Quality Control Tools for Higher iCube ... Frog Leaping.
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