Just What Do You Think?

To help prove out on-line democracy, weekly cycles of democracy will be provided to allow questions or comments by account holders. These weekly cycles will have daily sub-cycles, that is, winners are organized into new groups on a daily basis. A lifehour tax credit will be provided for both submission and voting. Winning the prioritization of your peers provides you lifehour bonuses per a binary progression per level of win: 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128, 256, etc., lifehours. If you are a winner of the fifth level, you will receive a bonus of 16 lifehours tax credits. (Subject to change without notice with variations between public and private brain bees. Reward will be adjusted by focus and size of membership.)

To review the options, click on-line democracy and then click on the option link next to to the forum selection window. To show the power of on-line democracy, daily democracy will be initiated with sub-cycles of an hour or two hours, e.g. media hot question.

On-line democracy as a process for collecting, filtering, percolating and honing information (colfilperhone) will probably never approach the speed of its model, the human brain. However, the individual brain cannot solve the multi-person problems of a civilization as well as a computerized system modeled on the brain that organizes the brains of concerned, informed citizens like the brain. While slower in cycle length, on-line democracy can tap the broader information base of the multitudes individual brains to solve more problems than any brain.

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