Snowflake Brain Bees Overview

Snowflake brain bees are on-line, problem-solving forums whereby:

  1. Concerned citizens can easily submit questions, comments, issues or nominations (items). The item is summarized in 50 words or less, see guidelines. The item may include an email address or webpage for item elaboration.At the submission deadline, participants are randomly grouped with seven "classmates." They are emailed a ballot with the "brain bee" items of the other contestants-- examples . These groupings are akin to classrooms in which classmates compete to be the class spelling champ. As noted in VoteTime, and a tenet of timism, each item is a packet of time for humanity, varying in its value to the future of human existence. Interestingly, item is an anagram of time.
  2. After reviewing the received items of the seven classmates, participants key in their votes on the email subject line after the word "Vote." Clicking Reply emails the votes for tabulation. One must rank all the items for one's votes not to be nullified. Voting rules list limits and restrictions.
  3. At the voting deadline, votes are tallied:
    • 1st choice receives six points
    • 2nd choice receives five points
    • 3rd choice receives four points
    • 4th choice receives three points
    • 5th choice receives two points, and
    • 6th choice receives one point.
      (Some initial brain bees cyberclassrooms only have six participants instead of seven due to submissions not always being perfect multiples of seven.)
  4. The winner of the on-line classroom voting re-presents the group at the next level which repeats steps 2 to 5, just like a spelling bee.

Finding the winner is a little faster than the real classroom spelling bee: 300K to 9000K per hour on one computer. And, it costs pennies to find our Einstein Moments.

Why snowflake? The infinite number of and complexity of snowflakes are based on the simple principle that water freezes at 60 degree angles with six options. Likewise, snowflake spelling bees are a simple way to solve infinitely complex problems based on six options at each decision point. (Also see Snowflake)


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