Pseudo Democracy

As noted on the home page for On-Line Brain Bees: Snowflake Solutions, democracy is double-sided with a frontside and a backside. The frontside of democracy is the people determining what agenda, what candidates, what legislation and what questions should be voted upon by the people. America is basically a one-sided, backsided democracy with the people only being able to vote on candidates determined by a few people. For example, through a money dictatorship, a few people decided on Gore and Bush before the first primary vote of the Presidential 2000 elections. Funny, the cynics golden rule proved true again: Those with the gold makes the rule. In effect, the habitual politicians wasted not only millions of dollars but millions of votes.

The increasing use of the Internet by private affairs mimics this back-sided democracy. As a marketing tool, companies use on-line voting to get people to participate in clarifying agendas set by the companies. The companies include the media. I

As shown by the money dictators in politics, if you set the questions, you also set the answers. The obviousness of the answer reflects the subtlety or dishonesty of the marketeer, gross fraud or backroom chicanery.

In scientific research, the bias of the researcher--a P&P marketing promoter--is nullified in principle with double-blind studies. Equivalently, double-sided democracy is double-blind research in finding real solutions to real human problems. Yes, most pseudo democracy, particularly by the media, is a waste of the concept of democracy on unreal human problems, e.g., survivors where no death was ever possible.  As a marketing tool, these on-line votes are an insult to the true, balanced nature of democracy.

Unstopped, these pseudo democracies will metastasize a jaded view of democracy in the minds of the many upon whom it will slowly dawn that this internet voting is really an invasion of their privacy: Someone, somewhere, is tabulating your votes to create a marketing profile of your using the modern Hollerith machine and my on-line votes. While there are curtains on the polling booths at your local precinct to protect your right to vote in private,  the internet has no such safeguard. If you were a marketeer, which would you consider a better marketing profile: one from a person knowingly completing surveys or one from a person's supposedly voting in private?

What a stab in the back of democracy! The most efficient form of voting is used to enslave people through the opinions and emotions expressed by on-line voting.



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