How it would work with 1,000,000 Presidential Nominees or Law Proposals

Why this did not work.

In reading the following, please recognize how the cycle of democracy could be one day instead of one week. Recognize how easily the internet could be used for local or state elections. A 150Mhz Pentium was tested at processing 500,000 operations an hour. Can your local voting booth do that? Can your local politician poll the constituency for a democratized consensus and conclusion? Imagine how this would work with citizen legislation. Or, as a Presidential Commission to tap the intelligence of concerned citizens who live with and suffer from the problems? What about a national dialog on racism? School violence?

If 1,000,000 nominees were received by Labor Day, 2000, the following sequence would occur.

  1. September 5, the nominators would be randomly put into 117,649 groups of 7 to 9
    • Each group would receive a shared email that lists the participants' summaries and URLs (if added).
    • You have a week to review and prioritize the nominees
    • In the subject box containing anti-fraud codes, the participants would enter the nominees that they like in the order they like.
    • Then they would hit the reply button to send back to better democracy and capitalism.
  2. September 12, the initial winners would be randomly assigned to 16,807 groups of seven initial winners
    • Each group consists of not only the seven winners but the previous nominees. Thus, at this level, 49 people would be receiving the email nomination ballot to rank the seven initial winners.
    • The above process repeats.
  3. September 19, secondary winners would be randomly assigned to about 2,401 groups
    • Again, the nominating committee would consist of the 7 winners and the previous 49 winners.
    • The above process repeats
  4. September 26, previous winners assigned to about 343 groups, repeat of above
  5. October 2,  previous winners assigned to about 49 groups, repeat of above
  6. October 9,  previous winners assigned to 7 groups, repeat of above
  7. October 16, 7 winners are allowed a nightly 30 minute television commercial.
  8. October 23, A nation-wide vote on finding two finalist who will debate for a final vote

With the internet democratically tapping the intelligence of the concern citizens who live with and suffer from the problems, the role of the elected official will shift from legislator to more presider and legitimizer, for citizen will elect only gatekeepers rather than despotic habitual politicians.

The process will be tested at different points or dates.


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