BrainBees: Items of Interest with Caveats

  1. For global brainbees, click on DC. For your national brainbees, click on the country.
  2. Heros of Democracy
  3. Snowflakes?: The Ultimate Internet Search Engine
  4. Cycles of Democracy Table: Submitby and VoteBy listings for BrainBees
  5. Participating in any on-line brain bee does not indicate support for the other forums or any results--see disclaimers.
  6. This is true, double-sided democracy, an embodiement of our national motto, E Pluribus Unum: From Many, One
  7. Tentative Tax Credits: The problem-solvers who save time should be rewarded in the real currency, lifehour tax credits. See Record your time for credit for volunteer activity and see lifehour receipts for examples. Winners of brain bees receive bonuses.
  8. There are basic types of voting. Depending on the forum, the final votes are forwarded in several ways. The cpfh flow is circular and self-defining independent of the content of the items (issues/individuals ) that make up the submissions.
  9. Eerie Coincidences
  10. History: Originally tested via voice mail, see TouchTone Manager in the late 1980's.
  11. Death of the habitual expert with the birth of Einstein moments.
  12. Quality controlling winners: Review, editing and credentials.
  13. A huge quantum leap in human decision-making. Brain bees are the Gutenberg press of human decision-making, opening up communication to all vernaculars beyond the confines of the Latin-only monopoly. As priests, clerics and popes in the Dark and Medieval Ages did not want Mass or writings in languages other than Latin, so do dark, mal-evil habitual politicians, ensconce executives and tenured academicians resist empowering excluded minds to decided their future.
  14. Leverage buyout of public policy-making to re-tool government: Democratic Capitalism for 24 in 4.
  15. Tapping the collective cosmic consciousness.
  16. Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny
  17. Nomenclature

Quality Control Tools for Higher iCube ... Frog Leaping.
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 > #12 Quality controlling winners 071120 Quality Controlling Winning Items: Issues or Individuals
 > #13 habitual politicians 071101 Habitual Politicians: Habitual Problems and Terrorism
 > #14 Democratic Capitalism for 24 in 4 071101 What If We Held A Constitutional Convention and No Politicians Came?
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