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The limits of this website in design, logic and content reflect the limits and focus of its designer. In logic and focus, the primary goal is a road plan to better democricy and capitilism. Like any highway, the cosmetic landscaping comes last. In addition, there are bumps and potholes of which the author is both aware and unaware.

Through this on-line brain bee, the supporters of better democracy and capitalism can help improve the communication value and appeal of this website--see Keystone FAQ. A cycle of democracy will collect, filter, percolate and hone feedback. The feedback can be suggestions or corrections on design, typos, syntax and grammar. Lifehour credit will be given reflecting the level of voting.

This brain bee is for problems in the website integrity and ambience. Comments, critiques on content should be submitted via forums that focus on the area of the feedback--brain bee listing.
Summarize your web feedback (400 letters or less). Be sure to include the webpage.
You may include an email address or webpage address for more information, see Entry Guidelines.

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