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"Hard Times Squeeze Millions of Argentines Out of the Middle Class" Article, part2

"Consumer Demand Dries Up As Professionals Take On Menial Jobs to Scrape By -- A Manager Turns Messenger"

"A grinding 31-month-long recession, accompanied by an unravleing of government social supports,has rattled this country's comfortable culture to its very core. Already the upheavel has sent millions of Argentines tumbling down the economic ladder. Even more alarminingly, it has shut down a critical engine of economic recovery--consumer demand."

"medical-cneter manager to messenger service deliveryman."

"the middle class has gotten acquainted with a bitter new phenomenon in recent years: downward mobility."

"Nowhere else in the hemisphere, outside of Cuba, have so many lawyers, doctors, and accountants been compelled to take jobs beneath their abilities in newsstands, taxis and coffee shops. As the middle class has embarked on its great leap backward, the poverty rate has surged. One out of every four residents of the capital now is classified as poor."

"Only 15% of the graduating class at Bueanos Aires's top law school are expected to find jobs at the bar this year."

"the 1990's privatizaiton of electricity, telephone and health systems has delivered a one-two punch, eliminating thousands of midlevel government jobs while doubling the share of income the average Argentine family devotes to basic services." [Coflation]

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