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1 010814 htm WSJ Bank Floods Cash Japan
  1. The Bank of Japan voted Tuesday to ease its grip on credit further in a bid to put a lid on the nation's economic deterioration and help buoy falling stock prices [This means public support of a private inflationary bubble for a few people--RSB].
2 011219 htm WSJ Grads Face Zero Japan
  1. [Need for 24in4--RSB]
  2. If I'm still a part-timer when I'm 25, I'm in big trouble,"
  3. The media have dubbed these serial part-timers "freeters" -- a Japanese neologism combining the English word free and Arbeiter, the German word for worker. It means anyone who chooses to make a living by juggling part-time work.
3 020129 htm WSJ Savings Strong Japan
  1. With hundreds of trillions of yen on the line, economists are watching the movement of Japan's money closely. A real shift in how the Japanese allocate their assets could reshape the financial map in Japan and the rest of the world. Among the potential effects: It could push up global stock prices and drive down the yen.
  2. 1,400 trillion yen ($10.36 trillion
  3. "If Japanese investors don't get a competitive rate of return, [their money] will go to where it's treated well, not treated badly," U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill told reporters in Tokyo last week.
  4. Yet the Japanese depositor's plight is not quite as bad as it seems at first glance. Prices fell 0.7% last year -- their third straight annual decline -- meaning the country's savers received a real return on their money that was closer to 1%.
4 020314 htm NYT Penny Interest1000 Dollars
  1. The most popular alternative — bank savings, which account for half of Japan's $10.5 trillion in financial assets — lost much of their appeal as interest rates shrank, recently to as little as 0.02 percent a year. On Monday, Shizuoka Bank said it would cut its interest rate for ordinary savings accounts to 0.001 percent from 0.005 percent; that move means that savers will get 1 cent in interest annually for each $1,000 on deposit.
5 020320 htm WSJ Economist Criticism Shorts In Japan Hubbard
  1. "I do not understand the need for new restrictions and tighter supervision of short-selling of equities, particularly when they are introduced before market participants and the exchanges have their systems in place to ensure compliance," [was compliance. Govt said no shorts, so Japanese brokers executed no shorts.] Mr. Hubbard said, according to a transcript of his remarks released by the U.S. Embassy. "This can only distort the valuable signals sent by the equity market, reducing liquidity and dulling the positive reception that true reform measures would receive."
  2. [bullshit--what valuable signals? seems increased liquidity from rising prices ... what "dulling the positive reception that true reform measures would receive." What happened was Japan closed the on door of decapitalism (shorting) that waste time and money and creates instability that is the cannon fodder of stock brokers.--RSB]
6 020419 htm WSJ Deflation Slowing Japan
  1. If true, that could be one of the most encouraging signs in a decade in which Japan has been ravaged by an unremitting slide in the prices first of stocks, then land, and finally goods and services
  2. Japan's key consumer and wholesale-price indexes are still falling steadily compared with the year before. But on a month-to-month basis, domestic wholesale prices were flat in March after nosing up 0.1% in February for the first rise in six months. And core consumer prices in Tokyo -- seen as an early indication of the direction of prices in the rest of the country -- climbed 0.1% in March on a seasonally adjusted basis, the second straight monthly rise.
7 021125 htm Fortune Horror Show Japan Bad Journalism
  1. [Reviewed]
8 030224 htm PeoplesDaily Oil Reserves172days
  1. Now Japan's strategic oil reserve has reached 0.6bn barrels, equivalent to the total oil demand for 172 days.

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