Timism: The Morality of More Time

Opportunities for Crowdfunding

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Educate the Public (GFM)
24in4--Share Job Time or Jobless Crime:
By better employing our time, we can have|
a 24-hour workweek in 4-years
with more funds and fun in a safer, saner world
for self, family and community.
401ks : Biggest Bank Robbery in History
CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule

Brainbees: Index
Super-Highway to Government
of, by, and for the people
Citizen Legislation: National, State & Local
Civility Brainbees: A big, on-going money-maker
Personal Democracy
Super Brainbee: A single paradigm to standarize
global government of, by, and for the people
based on two variables: ICANN and postal codes.
Tell The Chief
Youth Wisdom Forum
2020 Zero-Cost Primaries: National, State & Local

Time: The Thread in the Fabric of Life