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Crowdfunding Better Democracy
and Better Capitalism
for a Better Future

(Crowdfunding a new nation for Timism software)

For a limited time to facilitate the successful and permanent launch of Timism, supporters can be financial angels with loans that will have a return rate of two-fers in lifehour warrants and credits.

The main reason for becoming a Timistic Angel is not the money
but to reverse global warming which will otherwise
make all money worthless.

If you agree with the timistic observations and conclusions, you should become an angel of timism. For each dollar you lend timism, you will be both warranted and credited with lifehours, two-for-one, aka, 2-fers. Thus, when you cash them in, they will be worth the same time value regardless of the inflation of funny numbers on funny paper, currently about $26 in 2016. Your lifehour warrants will be FIFO repaid from the cashflow derived from several revenue streams with checks sent to your account address via pay processor. Repayment will come from the supporters paying one wagehour after the first 1,000,000 accounts. Benefits of Timism are given to people in order of support as indicate by one's signup date.

You need an account before you become an angel, signup here.

Plebiscites and Scheduled Brainbees are different.

Area Links Rewards Drop Down Listing Details/Explanations
PrePayment n.a. n.a. PrePayment for Dollar Democracy, Boycott, Class Actions, etc. Max addition is $25. No addition if balance > $5.
Boycott List Lifehour Caveat * Enterprise * Iowa * Sundays * Marketbased * (New BB)
Buy An Ad List Two-Fer How to * 24in4 * 401ks * 529s * CO2 Killer * Decapitalism * Habitual Politicians * Meaning * Death Certificates * Term Limits * Women 5050
Class Action List Lifehour Enterprise Car Rental * TeleLiars * (New BB)
CO2 Cancers List Lifehour Definition * Actors * Ashley Graham * Budget Buster * Childcare * High Speeders * Job Maniacs * Merkel (New BB)
Dollar Democracy List Lifehour Citizen Legislation * Burn California * CO2 Sins * Cold Houses * Flint * WCCO
Newspaper Charges

(If all essays printed as All-in-one, single-day, center-fold pull-out, double the normal fee, still as a two-fer loan against Timism cash flow.) Encourage readers to signup using newspaper as recruiter, writer as sponsor.

List Two-Fer Guidelines * 24in4 * 401ks * 529s * Amendment * CO2Killer * CO2Money * CO2Sinning * Cost of Humanity * Currency * GovtReforms * Inflation * Lifehours * Over-Population *  Presidential Primaries * Tax-Retime * Time Tax * Timism * VoteTime * Wall Steal
Over-Population Feeding
Plebiscites Burn California ... Dominion Energy ... ?? see superbb
PMI Projects List Two-Fer CaveGarden * Chocolate-Vanilla * CO2 Sue: ACP, Brakken, BTUtax & Keystone * Decapitalism * Solar Shades
Richmond VA List Two-fer WWBT
Semantic Slippage List Lifehour Responsibility (New BB)
Service List Two-fer Record Payments * Accounting * Legal
Tax Reforms List Lifehour De-Time * Distraction * Igknowance *

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