Global Democracy: One form to find truth and in our darkness shine it.


  1. Demes: Elective districts based on your completing deme information.
  2. Summary: When a person signs up for a account and completes the deme information, the person is automatically signed up to vote in in basic primaries even if they don't intend to run for the particular office. The reasons are several:
    1. Prove out and sustain the concept of zero-cost, zero-corruption primaries and elections.
    2. Create lines of communications to polish a process that can eventually reduce government bureaucracy and taxes by fifty percent or more.
    3. Create a stable of tried and tested individuals who can be candidates of the actual public office at the next general election. Problem-solving which includes national steering committees for each.
  3. Rewards: You receive lifeminute credits for voting in an on-line forum but not for submitting. Compensation for Problem-Solvers ... see example for payment since last election
  4. Bonus: Winners of each voting group receive a bonus based on the level of voting from the initial voting.
  5. Frequency: Normally, elections for these public offices are held every two, four, and six years. However, and due to efficiency of on-line brain bees, early elections will be held automatically each time the number of accounts increase by a exponential factor of 7: 7, 49, 343, 2401.
  6. Women 50/50: Each election focuses on the best member of the opposite sex from the previous election--see sample . Note how the sex changes "MFMF" in the sex column.
  7. Gray Matter Steering Committee
  8. On-Going Value: Winners become information switches who receive prorated lifehour tax credits--see lines of communication.
  9. Webpages: If the summary references a webpage, e.g., your resume for public office, you can modify the website to reflect better on you or your issue. If you reference a resume of qualifications, be sure to include a resume webpage with reference to basic accomplishments for better democracy and capitalism.
  10. Demes: In order for your submission to be included in the proper state or district (e.g., governor, senator, representative, registrar), you need to have completed your "deme" information.
  11. For legislation, enter a summary of the your problem definition and solution. You can enter a webaddress for elaboration of your summary. For example, "Concrete is not finished properly and it costs taxpayers a lot of money that could go for education and retirements--see"
  12. Cancel:
    • To cancel a single submission for elections or legislation, submit again with a blank summary field.
    • To cancel all participation and emailed primaries or citizen legislation, you need to inactivate your account.


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