1. Democratic Capitalism is the effort of one person. There are no hidden backers. It represents more than two decades of faith in and frustration for better democracy and capitalism.
  2. This is an effort to solve problems, doing what the habitual politicians should and would do if they were not concerned first and foremost with their re-election problems. If you want your problems solved, support term limits so politicians don't waste any time or money on the question "How do I get re-elected?"
  3. Democratic Capitalism does not support any candidate other than those derived from the citizens via on-line, zero-cost, zero-corruption democracy. Any candidate who expects special treatment from or obligation to PBDC would be better off buying some STP.
  4. No promises are made of payment for lifehours earned. It is up to those who earn them to recruit more accounts so that eventually enough people will vote out the habitual politicians. Then, the new faces will reward the activists with a lifehour legitimization bill.
  5. This is not an attack on America any more than criticism of a philandering president is an attack on the Presidency. Removing the corrupt, habitual politicians is not an attack on the Constitution but rather an effort to allow the Constitution to fulfill fully what it was designed to implement, namely, the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. America is great because of its historical higher level of democracy and capitalism. Our greatness is nothing compared to what it will be when better democracy and capitalism let our hallowed documents breathe fully the fresh breath of freedom for all of humanity. How can I attack America which gives me the freedom to do what I am doing?


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