Death Tax: Horse Before Cart

Death Tax, horse before the cart or cart before the horse.
  1. When the grocer sells you food, does he charge you a tax on top of the items that you are receiving? Yes.
  2. When you buy a car and pay a tax, is the seller or the recipient paying a public fee (tax) for the privilege of owning a car? You, the recipient pays the tax.
  3. When you receive a paycheck, does it have taxes taken off of you pay? Yes.

In the above common, everyday cases, the recipient pays the tax on the goods or services received. This is and has been the horse sense of taxation throughout history, that is, the recipient pays the tax on received item. This historical logic and precedence has been reversed with some clever, illogical reasoning that focuses the payment of taxes on the originator rather than the recipients when it comes to inheriting estates of the dead.

  1. Can the dead pay taxes? No. The dead do nothing except stay dead.
  2. Who benefits from the accumulated wealth of the dead person? The dead or the recipients? See above point for answer.
  3. Accumulated wealth is just a collection of goods and services just like a cars and groceries are a collection of goods and services. Groceries have not only produce but often special cuts of meat performed by a butcher. A car often has adjustments (dealer preparation) before the recipient takes possession of his new symbol of wealth (or necessary evil). The transfer of wealth should be taxed like all other goods and services with the recipient paying an amount at least equal to a fair share of the public costs needed to have economic security and stabilty.
  4. Advocates of "no death tax" are fraudulent on many accounts as shown above:
    1. The pretend that the dead can pay taxes which is an impossibility--When an estate is settled no ghosts are consulted on taxes.
    2. They ignore that the recipients are the consistent payers of taxes which should be the case with recipients of inherited wealth. Inheriters benefit from America more than those who work for a weekly paycheck, never receiving an inheritance nor leaving an estate.
    3. No death taxes is a free ride for those who do not work.
    4. No death taxes is a living tax on the working middle class who must make up for the lost taxes from the fraudulent "No death tax" or who must suffer the loss of public pensions, education, security and services from disappearing death taxes.


  1. Does a "no death tax" on the rich (since the middle class never had a death tax) make moral or immoral America.
  2. No death tax--it is a living tax on the middle class
  3. Death Tax: You can't tax the dead. You bury the dead or bury their body. You can't tax them. You can, however, tax their descendents so their descendents don't get a free ride to a public nuisance like Parisite Hilton and her hillbilly, hobo hooligans.
  4. Do dead people feel pain?

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