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StarTrib Traffic Worry Tops Crime
  1. Transportation and housing issues leapt to the top of the list of metro-area residents
  2. Crime, listed as the top concern by the biggest share of respondents every year for more than a decade, dropped to fourth
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TenDowning Walking To School
  1. Walking to school can make children brighter and more alert
  2. Nearly three quarters of primary school teachers consider the morning 'drop off' by parents at the school gates a major cause for concern.
  3. And all the teachers questioned felt that walking to school - instead of being driven - helps children stay fit and healthy.
  4. 87 per cent of teachers questioned believe that walking to school gives children a chance to wake up fully before they reach the classroom;
  5. 60 per cent believe that walking to school enables children to settle down once in the classroom;
  6. 90 per cent believe that walking to school enables children to become more aware of their local environment; and
  7. 93 per cent believe that walking to school makes children more aware of road safety issues
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StarTrib Bus Girls20yrs
  1. "It's a lifestyle thing," she said. "I wouldn't see my bus friends."
  2. And that, Selstad said, would be unacceptable.
  3. The Bus Girls, as they call themselves, are 12 women whose lives connected on Bus 35D. They lived within blocks of one another, but it was during the commute from south Minneapolis to downtown that they built warm and lasting friendships, 20 minutes a day, day by day, year by year.
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WashPost More Area Car Owners Shift to Hourly Rentals
  1. Zipcar, one of two car-sharing companies in the Washington region that offer a range of vehicles for rent in increments as short as a half-hour.
  2. As car sharing becomes more popular, the idea is running into resistance from people who don't view it as a solution to the parking crunch. Opponents also bristle at handing over prime public parking spots to private businesses.

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