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WashPost Salvadoran Family Endures the Wages of Separation
  1. At $170, Karen's gown cost more than many people in their town of Apopa make in a month. The $800 for the steak lunch at her party amounted to nearly half a year's wages. Their neighborhood, a warren of concrete huts set against a verdant mountain outside El Salvador's capital, is home to some of the country's poorest -- tortilla vendors, bus-fare collectors and factory workers who share the narrow streets with hungry dogs and vengeful gangsters
  2. At that hour, a 35-year-old woman was clearing the last of the lunch plates from a Northern Virginia restaurant. The mother of the Quinceañera wasn't halfway through her 14-hour shift at the job that paid for the elaborate celebration that traditionally marks a Latin American girl's passage into womanhood
  3. In some ways, she is better off, too. She works six days a week, leaving her bed at dawn and collapsing into it long after dark. But she whooshes home in her own red Toyota Corolla, to a spacious basement apartment with central air conditioning and a landscaped patio. Her Salvadoran boyfriend pays the rent and has furnished the place with beige leather sofas and a wall-sized silver Sony television.
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Time Gloucester Pregnancy Plot Thickens
  1. he would have explained straightaway that "a lack of birth control played no part" in a quadrupling of the number of teen pregnancies at the school this year compared with last year. "That bump was because of seven or eight sophomore girls," Sullivan told TIME. "They made a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together."
  2. She also said that the principal, who was not present at the meeting, is now "foggy in his memory" of how he heard about the pact.
  3. the school's on-site daycare center
  4. its social worker had heard of the girls' plan to get pregnant as early as last fall. She noted that some of the girls involved had been identified as being at risk of becoming a teen mother as early as sixth grade, when they began to request pregnancy tests in middle school. "What we've seen is the girls fit a certain profile," Todd said. "They're socially isolated, and they don't have the support of their families."
  5. Some described the pregnant teens as having little parental supervision.
  6. But what does seem clear based on TIME's reporting is that some of the girls in question did at least discuss the idea of getting pregnant at the same time, and that too little was done to educate the girls on the potential ramifications of that choice.

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