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StarTrib Obese Kids Low Quality Of Life
  1. Obese children rate their quality of life with scores as low as those of young cancer patients on chemotherapy, a study found, highlighting the physical and emotional toll of being too fat.
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WashPost Obesity Gets Part of Blame for Care Costs (
  1. More than a quarter of the phenomenal growth in health care spending over the past 15 years is attributable to obesity
  2. With 60 percent of the U.S. population deemed overweight or obese
  3. Federal officials have estimated that treating obesity-related illnesses costs about $93 billion a year,
  4. Forty-one percent of the rise in spending on heart disease was obesity-related.
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USAtoday Georgian Obesity Deaths1in10-
  1. Nearly 1 in 10 Ga. deaths obesity-related
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WashPost Fat Found to Accelerate Aging Process
  1. A team of researchers from the United States and Britain found that the more people weigh, the older their cells appear on a molecular level, with obesity adding the equivalent of nearly nine years of age to a person's body.
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WashPost Md. Bills Would Put Schools on the Scales
  1. An unlikely alliance has formed against the measures. Eating-disorder specialists are allied with snack-food purveyors, as well as physicians and school board members, who contend such bills usurp their authority.
  2. Rochelle McConkie, a senior at Broadneck High School in Annapolis, applauded the crusade for fitness but wondered how a schoolwide weigh-in might go over among her friends.
  3. "A lot of people, especially girls at this age, are sensitive about their weight," she said. [Maybe they would lose weight or lives--Mother Nature doen't care--RSB]
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Time The Politics of Fat
  1. Experts say our expanding girth is killing us and costing the health-care system billions.
  2. [Right to tell others they are wrong--RSB.]
  3. Nearly 400 obesity-related bills were introduced in state legislatures across the country last year--more than double the number in 2003
  4. others are calling for a "fat tax" on fast food.
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USAToday Does Food Addiction Explain Addiction
  1. Obesity has long been blamed on weak willpower, overeating, genetics and lack of exercise. Now scientists increasingly are seeing signs that suggest there may be an additional contributor: food addiction.
  2. "We believe that there is sufficient science to suggest there is something to this, so we are bringing the leading authorities together to decide whether food addiction is real and what the underlying psychology and biology might be
  3. Although there is no official definition of food addiction,
  4. Others pooh-pooh the idea of food addiction. "This is a dumbing down of the term 'addiction,' "
  5. "The term is being overused. People are not holding up convenience stores to get their hands on Twinkies.
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USAToday Overweight kids face widespread stigma
  1. Overweight children are stigmatized by their peers as early as age 3 and even face bias from their parents and teachers, giving them a quality of life comparable to people with cancer, a new analysis conclud
  2. It comes amid a growing worldwide epidemic of child obesity. By 2010, almost 50% of children in North America and 38% of children in the European Union will be overweight
  3. "Weight-based discrimination is as important a problem as racial discrimination or discrimination against children with physical disabilities," the report concludes. "Remedying it needs to be taken equally seriously..."
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FoxNews - New Jersey Woman Wants to Weigh 1,000 Pounds - Nutrition | Physical
  1. Tuesday , March 16, 2010
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  3. Dr. Manny's Blog:
  4. Video:

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