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StarTrib Car Thief7 History
  1. At just 7, boy who stole car has history that's troubled, troubling
2 051231 htm
USAToday Floridas Ferris Bueller Stuck In Kuwait
  1. Teen skipped school to travel alone to Iraq
3 060705 htm
WashPost Forgotten Sacrifice
  1. The day before that, in America, a 15-year-old's incredibly rich parents planned the biggest sweet 16 party ever. They will spend more than $200,000 on an opulent event marking a single year in an otherwise unremarkable life. The soon-to-be-16 girl doesn't know where Iraq is and doesn't care. That same day an American soldier died in Iraq.
  2. Today Americans go back to their normal business. The politicians in Washington have made sure the sacrifices of the war are borne by the very smallest percentage of Americans. They won't even change the tax rates to prevent deficits from running out of control. Future generations will pay the cost of this war.
4 081118 htm
USAToday Todays Youth Think Highly Of Themselves
  1. Today's teenagers and young adults are far more likely than their parents to believe they're great people, destined for maximum success as workers, spouses and parents, suggests a report comparing three decades of national surveys
  2. And these so-called Millennials or Gen Y young people may be heading for a fall when their self-esteem is punctured by reality
  3. Boomer parents "are more likely than their parents were to praise children — and maybe overpraise them,"
  4. "Many people who grew up in the '50s say, 'Nothing I did was ever good enough for my parents.' Now we're seeing the pendulum swing, and you hear from coaches and teachers who have been at it a while that kids have become more fragile. They don't take criticism well," he says.
5 090528 htm
WashPost Students, Teachers From Barrie School Are Quarantined in China
  1. Twenty-one students and three teachers from a Silver Spring private school who flew last week to China for a weeklong tour have been confined to their hotel rooms, quarantined for possible exposure to swine flu during their flight from the United States.

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