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StarTrib Fees Airline Security
  1. The cost of a round-trip ticket will increase as much as $10 next month
  2. The fee is expected to raise about $900 million this year
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WSJ Marshals Drain Law Airport
  1. In a single day in October, 11 agents in San Diego quit their lower-paying, more-demanding jobs at the U.S.-Mexico border for higher-paying, ostensibly lower-stress jobs in the sky.
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StarTrib Mpls St Paul Airport Security Lacking
  1. The Metropolitan Airports Commission had planned to hire about 300 officers from state, county and municipal agencies to replace the armed guards who've been on duty since October.
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USAtoday Air Marshal Deficit Skills
  1. The government has cut training for federal air marshal applicants and put new hires on flights without requiring the advanced marksmanship skills the program used to demand,
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WashPost Am Airlines C E O Drop Security
  1. Earlier this week, the U.S. government decided against allowing firearms in cockpits, saying pilots should concentrate on flying their planes and let marshals defend against possible terrorists.
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USAtoday Air Marshall Efflux
  1. Air marshals' resignations flood TSA
  2. At least 250 federal air marshals have left the top-secret program, and documents obtained by USA TODAY suggest officials are struggling to handle what two managers call a flood of resignations.
  3. Although the precise number of marshals is classified, sources say as many as 6,000 have been hired since Sept. 11. Before the terrorist attacks, fewer than 50 marshals flew.
  4. They also say marshals are working 12- to 16-hour days and falling asleep or getting sick on flights.
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WashPost T S A Overwhelmed
  1. When a gunman opened fire at a Los Angeles International Airport ticket counter on July 4, the nation's new agency in charge of airport security got its first chance to swing into action.
  2. Instead, it claimed the shooting was outside its jurisdiction.
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AzRep Air Traffic Sys Bug1-3 Bil
  1. A problem-plagued $1.3 billion air traffic control system still has major flaws that must be corrected before it debuts in November,
  2. STARS has been plagued by cost overruns and delays, according to both the GAO and the Transportation Department inspector general. In 1996, the FAA planned to install STARS at 172 facilities beginning in 1998 at a cost of $940 million. Plans now call for 74 facilities at a cost of $1.3 billion; the first systems went online this year, four years behind schedule.

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