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Assassin Terrorist Reply*

Letter to Editor
cc: Eric Black eblack@startribune.com

No historical review of terrorism ("Terrorism evolves from Robespierre to Bin Laden", Eric Black, Sept 30), especially one referencing today's most infamous terrorist, should be presented without citing the origin of both the word "assassin" and "hashish." In the 11th century, a secret order of Shi'ite Muslims killed their political opponents, often using poor adolescents who had been inebriated with a particular substance--a taste of the paradise awaiting them if they did the leader's bidding. The sect's leader was al-Hassan ibn-al-Sabbah whose name metamorphed into a description of the technique and the substance. Instead of Borking your opponent, you hassan him.

Most of the September 11 hijackers were uneducated from impoverished families. Their spiritual checklist spelled out the promise of "infinite paradise." Part of winning the war on terrorism is understanding that we will lose in a fight against those who patiently give up their lives while we are loathe to give up our SUV's. Oil is the modern black plague that fuels hate, funds terror and burns innocence.
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