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(see webpage) 50,000 Reservist Called Up
  1. Calling up 50,000 reservist for a war with no distant shore or defined enemy is like calling up 50,000 voters with no polls or ballot
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W T Csatellitenasa
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StarTrib Anthrax T X
  1. Anthrax erupts in Texas livestock
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USAtoday Am Airlines Exemption On Terrorism
  1. The Federal Aviation Administration has given American Airlines special permission to allow passengers to board its flights before the airline determines whether they are on the FBI's watch list, according to an FAA security directive obtained by USA TODAY.
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WashPost Sitting On Terrorism Intelligence Rove Cheney
  1. the president, at a fundraiser in Oklahoma, declare: "If you let the people have their own money, they will demand a gooder service. And if they demand a gooder service, somebody will produce the gooder service. And when somebody produces that gooder service, somebody is more likely to find jobs."
  2. Gooder service? As in: Build a gooder service and the world will bring a dictionary to your door?
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USAToday Congress911 Hearings
  1. Sen. Richard Durbin, a Democratic member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the three months of closed-door hearings into the attacks have been mostly "just tedium squared."
  2. "I sat behind these closed door sessions day after day, hour after hour and I will tell you that precious little comes out of it that is really new or interesting," he said in a phone interview.
  3. [congress constipated-RSB]
  4. Public hearings were to begin in late June, but have been repeatedly postponed.
  5. damaging the case against Zacarias Moussaoui
  6. administration's reluctance to allow Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
  7. White House has opposed creating a commission
  8. Durbin said he believes an independent, public investigation is needed. He said significant information has come to the public's attention only through leaks.
7 041110 htm
WSJ Nazi Rocket Scientists
  1. When the moon was full over Adolf Hitler's Germany, his rocket scientists would look up and dream about sending a man there. Today, some of those same scientists stand in this northern Alabama town, look skyward and think, "We did it."

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