Only You Can Prevent Terrorism

With each year, the youth of humanity is inheriting a worser world, an existential meltdown. The violence in schools will escalate despite the increase expenditures on safety and security. The latter is always a catch-up to the innovation of a person motivated to do wrong. The violence in public by bombers and snipers will exponentially escalate despite more and more people not leaving home.

Vacations and travel will diminish. The economic impact will spread from airlines into the general infrastructure, fueling more terrorism as unemployed people are the catalyst to domestic and international violence. America's baby boomers realized in the new millennium that they would have to work during their retirement years. This job competition will deny employment to the young. Or, it will fuel intergenerational battles. Like more and more people abroad, the question will not be

For young people to think that the habitual politicians will solve the above habitual problems is an example of why the young people's parents have no safety, security, healthcare and retirement. The house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists-for-hire who started the fires are in charge of putting out the fires. If young people passively accept the lies of the habitual politicians, then, like their parents, the young will have only themselves to blame for their contribution to and suffering from the existential meltdown.

The solution to a decline in free dom from problems is not more money for security and military. The solution is better democracy and capitalism. If you are a young person who is concerned about your future, you should be putting all your free time into developing better democracy and capitalism--see What You Can Do. Participate in the Youth Wisdom Forums and in the VoteTime Process. As an icing on the cake, you receive lifehour credits for your contributions. You can use your lifehours for college, home and credit card payments  as well as trade them. Be sure to participate in votetime.

To the youth of humanity everywhere, only you can prevent terrorism. Not your parents. Not your parents' politicians.

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