1997 report

Extended or large-volume flaring and oil or

condensate burning associated with deepwater well testing will require full evaluation of impacts

to air quality.

Pipelines at capacity
Pipeline installation applications are anticipated to increase in numbers, as well as complexity.

Additional production from more active leases and the fact that the pipeline infrastructure in

many areas of the Gulf is at or near capacity will stimulate expansion of the pipeline system.

Aging existing pipelines may require replacement pipelines to be installed to service both

deepwater and shallow-water facilities. Many of the deepwater fields are located in areas where

there is no existing pipeline infrastructure, so development will require new pipelines to shore.

In addition, if the oil characteristics of new fields are incompatible with the oil in the existing

pipeline systems or with separation/treatment facilities, new pipeline systems to shore will have

to be installed. Deepwater pipelines will be longer and may require new technology for

pipelaying and for transmission of the well production.

These extended tests result in requests

for larger volumes of gas flaring and burning of liquid hydrocarbons.