NTL No. 98-23

Effective Date: October 15, 1998


30 CFR 250.106(a) - Oral approvals (gas flaring)

To reduce but substantially comply with the requirements of this regulation as it applies to oral gas flaring requests and approvals, you are only required to submit a written summary letter within 10 days of the cessation of the orally approved flaring. [Allows the my word against your word defense--RSB]. This letter should report the days and hours flared; volumes of gas flared; and condensate, crude oil, and water produced. You must keep a copy of this operator flaring summary letter at the platform as a record of approval for review by our inspectors. This change in procedures applies only to oral gas flaring requests and approvals. Oral requests and approvals concerning other MMS requirements and functions are still subject to 30 CFR 250.106(a). You must continue to submit your request, and we must approve it, before you can perform associated liquid hydrocarbon burning.