Don't Look Good: The following links are headlines of articles on the disappearance of bee colonies.
  1. What is happening to the bees? Bees Vanish, and Scientists Race for Reasons
  2. Honey I'm Gone Abandoned Beehives Are a Scientific Mystery and a Metaphor for Our Tenuous Times
  3. Mysterious Deaths of Bees Takes Broad Toll
  4. No Organic Bee Loss
  5. Please Lord Not The Bees
  6. Taiwan stung by millions of missing bees
  7. Honeybees may be wiped out in 10 years
  8. Bats Perish And No One Knows Why
  9. Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

Bees Today, Clouds Tomorrow

As any homeowner knows, damp conditions fester colonies of insects which a dehumidifier can reduce by making it too dry for the bugs to survive. As any runner knows, you don't want to get dehydrated. As any medic knows, you don't want to run out of saline. As any doctor will say of your cold, push the fluids. As any evolutionist knows, a pivotal process in the migration from water to land was anti-dessicating process for both plants(cuticle) and animals(eggs), that is, the ability to retain water rather than depend on a osmosis within a watery surrounding.

Why are bees dying? Some bugs die before others as dry air dessicates their water dependent metabolism. Why are bees dying worldwide? CO2 is a drying agent. Bees are stressed and more susceptible to invasive diseases that they would otherwise not suffer like an AIDs patient dying of infections, not AIDs. CO2 is a virtual virus stressing all of life for which there is no cure. In a glass half-full, half-empty situation (of which the true purveyor should be executed), CO2 is a universal metabolite which can be a case of too much of a good thing is a bad thing. As such, CO2 is a universal HIV agent--see Alpha Trifecta,

Much concern is being raised (Spring, 2007) over the disappearance of bee colonies. Some reports cite 50% in the last two years. The reason is simple and is an extension of two basic priniciples of global dying:

  1. CO2 is a dessicant that soaks up water causing dehydration of the biomass.
  2. The most evolved species since the carboniferous period will be the life most immediately affected by rising CO2, e.g.,
    1. plants: Hard wood and hard grain, the slow growing plants as well as the sexual plants.
    2. animals: Most evolved, e.g., bees and mans, and
    3. ontogeny recapitulaes phylogeny, that is, CO2 will help all life grow faster at the start with a slowing and final reverse effects after a certain point. (Research showing faster plant growth in higher CO2 is tainted by early harvest. However, plotting rate of growths shows the lower CO2 growing faster with maturity with higher CO2 rate of growth slowing.) [Timistically, that is, the trajectory of time creation from cradle to grave, the false portrayal of CO2 impact on the biomass by only focusing on the early growth is akin to the emphasis on sports in school grades K-12: The players have more popularity which regresses with each year as the "outies" achieve more in college and life.]
  3. A key factor in both plants and animals migrating from the watery world to terrestrial life was the evolution of anti-dessication processes:
    1. "One of the greatest evolutionary innovations of the Carboniferous was the amniote egg, which allowed for the further exploitation of the land by certain tetrapods. The amniote egg allowed the ancestors of birds, mammals, and reptiles to reproduce on land by preventing the desiccation of the embryo inside." Carboniferous Period
    2. "Like animals, the steps most pertinant to the invasion of land appear to have involved the evolution of desiccation resistance." Evolution of Plants

A simple experiment will prove the point: Place colonies of bees in different controlled environment with different levels of CO2. The bees in the higher CO2 will die first.

As a species, bees evolved with the evolution of asexual plants (ferns) into sexual plants. The latter are the source of the high energy content which bees pollinate. With rising CO2, the sexual plants and animals will be most sensitive to a return of CO2 to levels of the carboniferous period, e.g., bees death and the Alpha Trifecta. The latter notes how the most evolved, sensitive living mass to CO2 is the human brain. This model predicts the pandemic spread of neural diseases that make alzheimer, autism and ADHD look like Einstein candidates for Nobel Prizes, e.g., mad cow diseases.

The bee colony disappearance and its implication not only for diseases of highly evolve plant and animal species but for the collapse of the foodchain below the level needed for supporting 7 billion human beings on earth is another reason that we need the ManHeaven Project, a global government derived from the moral imperative of saving life on earth. If we don't initiate controlled depopulaton then all of us will find no reprieve or commutation from the current death row sentence of all life being dead on earth by 2030.

The global disappearance of honeybees cannot be attributed to a biological entity. The factor common to all isolated locations is the local rise of CO2 which is from the dessicating properties of the FRQ clusters. People will forget about the bees dying as something worse eventuates from the FRQ clusters dessicating something more important to the the foodchain than bees: clouds, see--Cloud Sucking CO2. The pain evidenced in the toe-stubbing of "Where have the bees gone" is nothing compared to inevitable body blow of "Where have the clouds gone?"

Watching the clouds disappear is very symbollic and prophetic of life disappearing on earth,
for the water of life is disappearing from earth.


  1. Personal note about the bees: For years this writer has used his large porch as a work area because our home is a near rural oasis in a major metropolitan area. Our property slopes down to a creek which was refreshing to hear, a creek which runs into a large park designed by the man who created NY Central park. Forest Hill Park northern part becomes the James River Park which straddles one of Richmond's greatest natural assets for several miles of trails and resting areas. My property, the creek and the park has many flowering plants. Despite the abundant flora, in 2007, I did not see a single honey bee. I remember in years past the honey bees availing themselves of my water which was one of the reasons I enclosed my porch to keep the distracting bugs away. Another insect that has disappeared which has not been mentioned in the news are wasps. Big bumble bees still buzz around. Unlike the smaller, more recently evolved efficient insects, big insects are like camels: they can store more water to outlast dry journeys in a CO2 dessicating atmosphere. Bigger bees are like larger wartime convoys, the ratio of exposed material to bulk of matter is less so one loses less water or ships to outside forces.
  2. Personal note for the reader: The change in CO2 levels is a multifacted in its impact on life on earth. There will be an increase in diseases as rising temperatures and CO2 favor microbes that cannot reach a critical mass of reproduction. The invaders in "War of the Worlds" were not defeated by puny earthling weapons but by puny microbes. The accelerating mutation of viruses will one day cause a global pandemic that will be bad for mankind in the shortterm but possibly beneficial for life on earth in the long-term ... if it comes soon enough to kill a sizeable portion of mankind like the black plague throughout history. After water (H2O), no molecule is more important to carbon based life than CO2. The more sensitive and evolved the dynamic system, the more effected. No dynamic system is more evolved than the human brain which is showing the effects of rising CO2 in the Alpha Trifecta: Alzheimers, ADHD and autism. The dessication of bees by CO2 is and will accelerate human susceptibility to disease as human breathing passageways have a lower level of integrity due to dry air. People with dry, cracked nasal, oral and bronchial passageways have higher infection rates. The flu virus virility is determined by a combination of humidity and temperature. Have you noticed that your mouth and eyes are drier in recent years? This is another sign of CO2 dessication and another harbinger of human population going the way of the invaders in War of the Worlds.
  3. The above reference to Bats Dying is another example of an advance specie dying from the rising CO2 while less evolved species increase: bugs, bacteria, and viruses. People who think they can survive off the land--the back to earthers--are living another lie, another false hope because private and commercial gardens are experiencing (2009, tomatos and potatos) and will experience earlier and wider onset of plant destroying diseases (blights and wilts). Destruction of needed good insects (bees) and proliferation of bad lifeforms is another way that rising CO2 is accelerating the destruction of the food chain as part of global dying.
  4. Personal Observation: In the first week of May, 2010, it was a dry, windy day. Bees were observed crawling on the ground. Nudging them did not prompt them to fly away. Were they dehydrated thus too weak to fly? On the ground, they were more susceptible to attack and death by other ground animals ... or, human stomping.

Damn Bees! They just don't listen despite all the buzz. Why don't they follow the commands of the U.S. Decider-in-Chief, Geo. Talker Bush, who said of global warming, "Live with it!"

The granddaddy and mother of all mass extinctions (1 of 5) on the planet earth was at the end of Permian period (about 250 million years ago) when about 95% of life disappeared in about 60,000 years. The extinctoion has been tied to sudden rise in CO2 that not only raised the ocean temperature but acidified the ocean.

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