Computer Phrenology in Climate Change

Computer Phrenology describes the mentality and zeitgeist within the scientific community that more computer power will solve the problem. In particular, in climate change, computer modelers keep coming up short in their predictions of change, that is, the changes happen faster and faster than they predict. This failure at prediction can be seen in near-predictions failures of a few day that rival a 401k investment advisor.

Why? They don't know the processes or mechanism of how CO2 affects the atmosphere--see CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.

Phrenology was the pseudo-science in the 1800s which claimed to discern mental processes by measuring the skull. This is what climate researchers do when they keep measuring bumps, dips, highs and lows of the atmosphere. They can never integrate the synergism of CO2 schizophrenic behavior because they don't understand the electro/chemical basis of the atmospheric dynamics.

Characterizing Computer Phlebotomists:

  1. Of course, they are busy. But what are they busy at? (Thoreau)
  2. Faster and faster computers to model more and more is like a dog chasing its tail faster and faster.
  3. Comfusing time on a smart phone with being smarter rather than dumber.
  4. GIGO
  5. Specialists reductio absurdum: They know more and more about less and less.
  6. Like predicting each molecule in an ever changing river while igknowing Mandelbrot.
  7. Like the pope writing a book on bedroom intimacy while never venturing closer to passion than listening at the door of an orgy.