Hockey Stick Hell

Hockey Stick Curves:
Why we will not be able to organize to save life on earth

Cause of global warming/climate change

Inflation due to Fed since 1913 creation

The average person has become aware of increase weather extremes in droughts, heatwaves, deluges, floods and fires which has prompted an increase in concern. This write stopped documenting record-breaking weather events years ago in 2002.

What the average person does not know is that while the CO2 parts per million are gradually increasing geometrically, due to the organic thesis and fission/fusion dynamics of CO2, climate change is accelerating exponentially. The situation is akin to the geometric rise in neutron release in an atomic pile which when reaching a critical point becomes a runaway nuclear explosion. In other words, we are about to experience a hockey stick curve in climate change with an massive increase in human suffering and death. Sadly, this writer's 2006 conclusion of 90% human die-off in 2015 seems more likely all the time.

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