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  1. 1860-1995
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  1. General
  2. Physical
  3. Thermochemistry
  4. Safety
  5. Carbon dioxide
  6. dry ice
  7. carbonated water
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C O2temp Levels500 M Years
7 010612 gif NYT C O2 Emissions010612 N Y T
8 070325 htm
  1. "CarbonTracker," the first global system for monitoring man-made greenhouse gases linked to global warming.
  2. "very likely" rise in average global temperature of 3 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100
9 070412 htm
USAToday Since1990 U S Carbon Dioxide Up18 Percent
  1. Texas' carbon emissions grew by 95.8 million metric tons during the period, the largest increase of any state, followed by Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Georgia.
  2. Carbon emissions from power generation grew by 28% and by 23% in the transportation sector, with vehicle miles traveled growing fastest in the state of Florida, up 79% during the period.
10 080924 htm
EscienceNews CO2 emissions booming, shifting east, researchers report | e! Science News
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11 080926 htm
WashPost Carbon Is Building Up in Atmosphere Faster Than Predicted
  1. The rise in global carbon dioxide emissions last year outpaced international researchers' most dire projections, according to figures being released today, as human-generated greenhouse gases continued to build up in the atmosphere despite international agreements and national policies aimed at curbing climate change.
  2. Moreover, new scientific research suggests Earth is already destined for a greater worldwide temperature rise than previously predicted.
  3. The new data also show that forests and oceans, which naturally take up much of the carbon dioxide humans emit, are having less impact. These "natural sinks" have absorbed 54 percent of carbon dioxide emissions since 2000, a drop of 3 percent compared with the period between 1959 and 2000
12 090223 htm
NYT Satellite Will Track Carbon Dioxide -
  1. Humans account for 2 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions — natural sources like the decay of dead plants account for the rest — but that is enough to tip the balance.
  2. Before the beginning of the Industrial Revolution two centuries ago, carbon dioxide levels were at about 280 parts per million. The level is 387 parts per million today and is projected to rise sharply in the coming decades.
  3. Carbon dioxide absorbs certain wavelengths of light, particularly in the near infrared; by measuring how dim those parts of the spectrum are, the observatory can determine how many carbon dioxide molecules the light has passed through.
13 090527 htm
USAToday 40 Percent Increase By2030 CO2-
  1. The amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide seeping into the atmosphere will increase by nearly 40% worldwide by 2030 if ways are not found to require mandatory emission reduction
  2. It said 94% of the world's expected increase in industrial energy use between now and 2030 is expected in the economically developing countries, with Brazil, Russia, India and China expected to account for two-thirds of that growth
14 090912 jpg
CNN carboncapita-090912 C N N
15 090912 jpg
CNN carbongdp3-090912 C N N
16 090912 jpg CNN totalco2-090912 C N N
17 091117 htm
USAToday World's carbon emissions continue rise, despite recession
  1. Despite a global economic slump, worldwide carbon dioxide pollution jumped 2% last year, most of the increase coming from China
  2. Worldwide emissions rose 671 million more tons from 2007 to 2008. Nearly three-quarters of that increase came from China.
  3. The U.S. is still the biggest per capita major producer of man-made greenhouse gases, spewing about 20 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year. The world average is 5.3 tons and China is at 5.8 tons.
  4. The USA is still the No. 2 biggest carbon polluter overall, emitting more than the next four largest polluting countries combined: India, Russia, Japan and Germany. China has been No. 1, since pushing past the USA in 2006.
  5. The world has spewed 715.3 trillion tons of industrial carbon dioxide since 1982
  6. "We're shipping our emissions offshore,"
  7. The paper also raised concerns because it shows that the percentage of carbon dioxide emissions that hang in the air — compared to those sucked into the oceans and forests — is growing.
  8. Fifty years ago, only 40% of carbon dioxide emissions stayed in the air. Now in this decade it's up to 45%, Le Quere said.

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