1. Homemade Ice Cream and FRQ Clusters
  2. Polar Impact of Increasing Atmospheric CO2

In our conversations, I talked about my long standing interest in global warming beginning with a 1982 paper saying rising CO2 will harm mankind first by precipitation change. A lot of people are claiming that recent record-breaking cold and snows refute the global warming theory. Wrong, if one understands the organic properties of CO2 which underlie meteorological phenomenon. In particular, CO2 acting as a salt is sublimating (evaporating) polar snow and ice into the jetstream which is transporting it downwind. Think of what happens when you put frozen CO2 into water: Clouds of cold moisture spread out farther than the cloud of moisture when you open your freezer door. CO2, as a salt speeding up the melting or prevention of ice, is akin to manually making ice cream by adding salt to the ice to make it melt faster thus soaking up the "heat" in the cream to make it ice. Ironically, frozen CO2 is called dry ice. I hope this organic analysis is wrong. If not, next year, the polar ice cap will be at a record thinning because it is not re-generating this winter because of the CO2 sublimation. When the polar ice cap is gone, it will "Haiti, January 13, 2010" everywhere.

Consider what happens if you first spead salt on the ice in the freezer. The temperature will drop as occurs when one uses salt in a manual ice cream maker. When you open the freezer door after applying salt, the temperature of the cold air falling out will be less. The same lower temperature from CO2 sublimating ice at the poles accounts for record cold blasts all over the world. The melting of the polar ice caps is not only happening in the summers but all year round from increased atmospheric CO2. The cold blasts are removing coldness that keeps the ice caps from melting faster in the summers.

As a dessicant, CO2 accelerates the sublimation  of ice like salt in an ice cream maker. This accounts for polar melting faster than computer models explain.

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