Highs and Lows of CO2

The atmospheric phenomena of highs and lows can be better understood from the role of CO2 in their dynamics. Consider the points of the CO2 matrix:

  1. The FRQ Clusters of CO2 represent more water density which means greater weight of the atmosphere, i.e., higher pressure.
  2. The FRQ Clusters of CO2 are transparent rather than opaque which means highs should be clear while lows will be cloudier.
  3. The FRQ Clusters of CO2 impart a dessication of moisture which, while more water is present, it is in a form that appears to be dry since no water is precipitating out nor affecting the common water-measuring devices, e.g., hydrometer or humidity. It is akin to having money in a bankrupt bank--you have the money but it is not usuable or measurable in daily events. It is like solid water--the water is there but you cannot use it for drinking or irrigation until it changes form from ice.

The contrary spin circulation of highs and lows is a factor of the primary origination of the FRQ clusters in response to several factors akin to the cyclonic spin from the correolus effect.

A further consideration of the role of CO2 in atmospheric cyclonic systems is that as CO2 increases so should the size of the highs and lows. While this writer has not done as extensive a review of highs and lows as was done of hurricanes alterations due to CO2--see Hurricanes for Dummies--but the increased comments by weather mediacs about the size of systems supports this anecdotal consideration, e.g., the late March, 2009, weather system centered on Bismark, North Dakota, which had outer band swirls extending into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. In August, 2011, Hurricane Irene was one of the largest hurricane ever in size.

The transition point between highs and lows are a levodextro shift of CO2 alignment/coherence in the atmosphere.

One of the primary phenomenon of weather, highs/lows, has never been understood or explained from the role of CO2's greater affinity for water than water has for itself. It is not just the CO2 but the spin of the CO2 molecule which offers more support for the concept of spinbarism and meteorological mentality .

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