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1 020612 htm USAToday Plant Growth C02 Null
  1. Study finds more CO2 doesn't always spur plant growth
  2. Global climate change is expected to include a rise in the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere, and laboratory studies have suggested this will stimulate plants to grow more abundantly. But apparently that is not the whole story
  3. carbon dioxide actually may act as a drag on growth
  4. mimicked the conditions expected to result from global warming on 128 plots of land
  5. the effects of carbon dioxide, which plants use to produce food, can be either good or bad, depending on other elements of the environment.
  6. But when carbon dioxide was added to this mix, the production dropped by 40%. [There is more water but it is CO2 bound clusters larger than plant pores, like a baby offered a bushel of apples instead of applesauce--RB 021206]
2 070316 htm
Reuters Cereal Crops Suffer From Global Warming
  1. Global warming has cut about $5 billion worth of the world's most commonly grown grains over 20 years
  2. Warming temperatures from 1981 to 2002 cut the combined production of wheat, corn, barley and other crops by 40 million tonnes per year
  3. "This study shows that warming over the past two decades has already had effects on global food supply,"
  4. Average global yields for several of the crops suffered from warmer temperatures, with yields dropping by about 3 to 5 percent for every 1 degree Fahrenheit increase,
3 070521 htm
USAToday Emisisions Soar C O2 World Wide
  1. Warnings about global warming may have not been dire enough
4 071017 htm
WashPost Warming's Costs to Top Its Benefits, Study Says
  1. The costs of climate change to the United States will outweigh its benefits, according to a new study.
  2. The analysis, conducted by the university's Center for Integrative Environmental Research and funded in part by the advocacy group
5 100604 htm
WSJ Superweeds Spurs Lab Work on New Seeds -

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