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WashPost Parting the Shroud of Earth's Mysterious Twin
  1. Eons ago, Venus may have been the gentle, tropical paradise that Earthlings once imagined. It was closer to the sun -- but not too close. It was almost Earth-size -- but not quite. And it had plenty of water, even oceans.
  2. But that was then. Sometime in the distant past, the oceans started to heat up and then boiled away. The water vapor hung over the planet like a glove, trapping the heat below and creating a berserk greenhouse effect.
  3. Today, Venus's atmosphere is 97 percent carbon dioxide, and the planet is wreathed in clouds of sulfuric acid. The planet is apparently condemned to an eternal cycle of global warming, with surface temperatures that hover around 900 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. what happened to turn Venus into a child's vision of hell, with a superheated toxic soup of an atmosphere that is 90 times denser at the surface than Earth's -- about the same pressure as the ocean at a half-mile depth.
  5. Over time, carbon dioxide replaced the water vapor, probably as a result of the erupting volcanoes that resurfaced Venus about 700 million years ago and spewed clouds of sulfurous gas into the atmosphere.
  6. Another puzzle that has mystified scientists for decades is Venus's winds, which are negligible on the surface but reach speeds of 220 mph in the upper atmosphere, much faster than the planet rotates
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USAToday Venus has blasts of lightning
  1. "If life was ever something serious to talk about on Venus, it would be early in its history, not in its current state," said Sean Solomon of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, who was not part of the research team. "It's a very unforgiving atmosphere."
  2. the Venusian atmosphere is 100 times more dense than Earth's, is about 900 degrees hotter and has clouds of sulfuric acid
  3. "It may be Earth's 'evil twin,' but it is in many respects Earth's twin,"
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Time Planet Has Comet-Like Tail in New Hubble Discovery -- Printout -- TIME

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