Having written a paper in 1982 in which I wrote that the real impact of rising CO2 would be drought/deluge that destroys the foodchain, I have watched the debate with detached disinterest. COP15 is another example of philandering preachers, that is, "If I tell you to do right, let me do wrong." COP15 is a copout with the participants pontificating while they waste time and energy.

It is not global warming and CO2 footprints. It is global dying and CO2 sinning from which the Al Gore's want to hype and profit from. My summary of CapNTrade is "I'll trade you three dirty tarts for one clean virgin." As the latter will not end prostitution nor will CapNtrade stop global dying.

In March, 2006, I concluded we had passed the tipping point, that is, if all human died the earth will continue to heat up. The break on CO2/heat in the past was the biomass had millenia to react and counterbalance CO2/heat. Not now with the destruction of the biomass.

As a good concluder, sadly, in 2006, I predicted food riots by 2010. I was wrong. Happened in 2008. I predict a collapse of all governments by 2012. By 2015, 90% of us will be dead from collapse of society. By 2030, all life on earth is kaput. By 2050, the earth will be like Venus--400mph winds of 700 degree CO2/sulfur clouds that will scour away any trace that we were here.

The "economy first" of the habitual politicians pumping stimulus money into human activity is accelerating the CO2 sinning activities. Of course we are busy but what are we busy at? We are feeding too many cancers, promoting Viagra instead of staples.

I, for one, am living my life like a person in a hospice with a death sentence. What needs to be done will not be done to avoid the point of no return. The number one problem is too many people. The number one hidden weapon of mass destruction is the human genitalia. BOAKYAG--Bend over and kiss your artifice goodby.