California: $5,000,000 Drought Ransom

Dear Big-Time Drought-Stricken CO2-Sinners:

If you take the time to read the bredth and depth of my knowledge of climate-chaos and globaldying extending back to 1982, you should realize that the validity of my claim that I don't know everything nor how to save the world. I am, however, alone in my knowing what must be done to reverse your inevitable, inexorable spiral into domestic Syrias of strife and refugees.

The "religious restoration laws" of Indiana and Arkansas are an escalating round in the developing American religious civil war which will be worse than 1860. Again, as in South, the habitual politicians cater to their igknowant bases for their re-election addiction--another reason for term limits. More and more of you will be driven to the desperation of crime or to the depression of victim. Historical repeats are not new. Some Okies will re-live their ancestors' plight without the option of "California or Bust."

Listening to Gov. Jerry Brown's billion dollar plan reminds me of 1982 when I said of the canaries' concern with rising CO2 gases: "No, you don't get it. Before heat kills us, the rain changes will destroy the foodchain causing social, economic and political chaos and collapse." My reaction to Brown's speech was, "No, you don't get it. You are treating a superficial skin lesion when you are about to suffer an aortic aneurysm."

If you can spend $1,000,000,000 for useless programs, you can pay the chum change of $5,000,000 ransom for my plan to save California. When I receive the ransom from both states ($10 million total), I will provide you with a Ten-Point plebiscite for submission to the public through an elementary school vote on a Sunday. As is, Governor Brown, you are a habitual poltician catering to your supporters which means you are injecting irrelevant factors into the problem-solving process that precludes a solution. You do not grasp the direness of the moment.

The elementary school plebiscite voting works as follows with on-going video and image recording:

  1. Based on the hour of the day, citizens with photo id's travel to the elementary school in which district they leave based on the last digit of the photo id number, e.g, driver's license (Anyone who will not take a few minutes to get photo id to reduce voting fraud does not deserve the privilege of voting.)
  2. On each side of the main entry, tables are setup with chalk/marker boards.
  3. Pro-votes go to the left. Objectors go to the right. One votes for or against the whole ten-points of the plebiscite.
  4. Each person puts the next tally up, e.g., 1 becomes 2, etc., with the person putting their initials after the number. When the board is full, the first row is erased with a continuation of the count and initials. A picture will be made of each image as well as an on-going video.
  5. At the 6 pm, the elementary school principals take the tallies and copies of the video to the school superintendent who tallies the results. The results are called into the state school superintendent who can verify by viewing the videos. Each school will post its video and an image slide-show of the tally boards on its school website
  6. If the citizens pro-vote the plebiscite then it is the duty of the elected and appointed officials to carry out the mandate of this mass democracy.

Failure to implement the changes will lead to urban and eco-terrorism without precedence. The CO2-sinners unstopped by public officials will become the targets of lone wolf terrorists. California is on the verge of spinning out of control. Watts and Compton are nothing like the pending Syria-on-the-Pacific. It will be an economic earthquake off the Richter scale in its impact on commerce. Needed food will rot in the disappearing fields for the lack of truck drivers willing to risk their lives.

Ransom payment: Send to two checks to the Veterans Volunteer Services of the  Richmond V.A. McGuire Veterans Center. Make one out to the volunteer service for $500,000. Make the other check out to Robert S. Barnett for $4,500,000. Governor Brown can publicly announce that an aide is deliving the check. I will provide the plebiscite in on the second Sunday with voting on the subsequent Sunday. Failure to pay this intellectual ransom for my knowledge will give new meaning to the phrase, "Burn, Baby, Burn."

Personal note: I don't care what you do. I can enjoy women in beauty contests or mud-wrestling. I find your self-delusions and igknowance disgusting.

Mother Nature's note: I don't care what you do. If you do not reverse your CO2-sinning against me, all the activities on the plebiscite will cease by my actions with greater suffering and costs to you. The can you can kick down the road is the mother of all landmines.


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