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CO2 Sinners-in-Chief

The real cost of anything is not funny numbers on funny paper but the time one must work to pay for the symbols of time: Currency, as in, "What is your time currently worth, aka, time is money and money is time."

  1. If you "buy" a savings account with 10 hours of your labor and inflation eats up 50% then you have lost 5 hours of your work time.
  2. If you borrow money at 100% interest then you will have to work twice as long than if you paid 0% interest.
  3. What if you buy a gallon of gas for one hour of wages and it causes ten hours of climate change damage? The pump price was a loan downpayment with loan-shark interest rates, aka, Mother Nature's revenge for our CO2 sins!

In a world dying from our CO2 sins, CO2 is the ultimate, universal currency ... a currency with a self-destructive time value--see "CO2 is a currency killing life on earth" in YouTube/GlobalDying.. Also see "CO2: The global multitasking killer molecule."

The cost of humanity to Mother Nature in CO2 sinning has two parts:

  1. The cost of living for the needs of life: CO2 sinning depends on energy efficiency of production.
  2. The cost of lying for our unneeded wants which fill our basements, attics and garages: CO2 sinning is 100%.

Political leaders who encourage CO2 sinning are winning personal and political battles while losing the war to save life on earth, the Primary Moral Imperative. For a list of why these political leaders are CO2 sinners-in-chiefs who are killing life on earth, visit