Why Parents Must and Will Pay
for Pro-Litter Morality:
Living Beyond Means

Few people realize that humanity has lived beyond its means as a whole with economic, social and political structures that inherently cause all individuals to live beyond their individual means. Living beyond one's means is more than a matter of spending more money than one has: One can also live beyond one's mental, emotional and moral means. In fact, it is the living beyond the latter means that prompts one to live beyond one's money means. One wanting to impress others often results in one buying items that one cannot financially afford. Emotionally, the shopaholic who maxes out credit cards is driven financially to ruin from emotional

As noted elsewhere, people who do not live within their means become mean as the cost of living increases reflecting the past and current deficits. The worse kind of spending is private or public deficit spending which a person or people live beyoind their means. Public budget deficits are the worst kind of taxation, for double taxation plus interest is a future inevitability. The chronic promise of growing an economy, which will generate higher tax revenue to retire the bonds funding deficit spending, has been repeatedly and exponentiallly shown to be false promise. As private and public financing crashes under the weight of outstanding debts from deficit spending, those who have lived beyond their means become mean because the same lack of living within one's mental, emotional and moral means shows up as mean people who are angry that they can no longer live beyond their means.

In general, those who live beyond their means become mean. Those who tolerate or encourage others to live beyond increasingly become meaningless, literally and figuratively, as those who live beyond their means can only do so by taking from those who tried to live within their means. It is a zero sum world . One cannot be privileged with more than one deserves without one de-privileging the more deserving by taking the latter's means to surive and live.  Zero-sum is a perspective of the morality of more time. When in sufficient majority to stop others from living beyond their means, those good persons who act to stop the triumph of evil mean people will have good, more meaningful lives ... literally and figuratively.

The signs of humanity living beyond its means as a whole are everywhere, growing like the weeds in the yards of foreclosed, underwatered houses. The biggest weeds that will trouble humanity the most are the primary cause of global dying--too many people. During economic recessions, depressions and collapses, evidence increases of people living beyond their financial, mental, emotional and moral means. Houses are abandoned. Insured cars are torched. Must-have pets are turned lose on the street. (My property is increasingly trashed by abandoned cats). The growing number of horses being dumped on public lands by owners who were horse-lovers only when they were able to live beyond their means.

For humanity as a whole, the primary way by which we have lived beyond our means is the burning of fossil fuels at a rate beyond which Mother Nature can sequester out of the atmosphere. Fossil fuels have allowed us to have warmer homes than we need and to travel and to work more than we need. Our price for living beyond the means of Mother Nature to care for us is to kill Mother Nature, that is, to kill life on earth. Fatal and foolish fuel use has allowed humanity to prolitter but to keep more of the litter alive longer than is good for life on earth.

For America, moreso than any other country, it has lived far beyond its means since the Second World War out of which America stood with industry intact and a military second to none. America's habitual politicians started to fund domestic and foreign enterprises with the index of living beyond one's means, deficits, that is spending more than you take in. America's dominance in industry and finance with the dollar being the de facto world currency allowed America to implement Monetary Colonialism. Through monetary colonialism, America colonized foreign economies to support America's needs and wants as America's habitual politicians legislated the destruction of American businesses and jobs. America exported dollars and imported goods and services that could better have served the countries of origin.

As time passed, and as indexed by rising trade and budget deficits, America lived more and more beyond its means.  In the last decades of the last century, America was living 15% or more beyond its means. What does this constituted for the average American? Each American was allowed to live 15% or more beyond his or her means. Families had more buying power than they deserved because the habitual politicians were printing bonds, notes or money to fund a higher level of living than possible by the real American means. For more years than occurred in Nazi Germany which had an elevated economy by plundering other European nations, America has plundered foreign nations to let Americans live beyond Americans' means.

The scapegoat is not America's habitual politicians but all habitual politicians who colluded together to implement the decapitalism of monetary colonialism. With every needed American job exported abroad, a foreign job was colonized to serve America rather than the domestic economy. Multiplied by millions, the world's economy was globalized into increasing fragile colonial relationships in which all countries lost the integrated, self-sufficient local economies.

If your country lived 10% beyond its means by borrowing money from the foreign businessmen who were the willing colonial middlemen, it means that your standard of living has been 10% above what it should have been. Now you may think you can start living within your means to avoid the consequences but you cannot. The habitual politicians will continue to run deficits to keep people doing things that are not needed rather than restructure and rebalance the economy to be self-sufficient rather than self-cancerous. The guilty and the innocent, that is, those who did not and who did live within their means, will pay and are paying the cost of living beyond one's means as individuals and as groups. The cost will be initially in misemployment (un- and under-) with inflation. Subsequently, the cost will be in riots, violence and collapse.

The best and simplest example are the numerous countries that were food self-sufficient until the farmers flocked to the cities to work in factories to metastasize the junk that Americans wanted but did not need. For instance, in 2005, China sold almost one billion dollars worth of Christmas junk to Americans. What a way to celebrate the birth of Christ. Kill your future and kill life on earth. As a result, China became increasingly dependent on foreign food imports as domestic food production failed.

Worsening the number one problem that is killing life on earth--too many babies--factory flockers had a false sense of well-being with the consequence that they had babies sooner rather than later. In China, the former one-family, one-baby rule was replaced with the "buy another baby "option. In the USA, the fastest growing demographic group is the Hispanic population which are having the largest families. And, what characterizes the prolittering Hispanics? Recent or illegal immigrants who left the farms south of the border to work the states for the gringos. If America and Americans had not lived beyond their means, the US would not have a ticking timebomb like China of "bare branches." In China, over 250 million people flocked from the farms and cites of the central and western China to the slave factories of eastern China to cancerize the wanted junk of other economies. As these workers become millions of unemployed, they become bare branches on trees that at some point cannot support bare branches, collapsing to the ground. Likewise, the tens of millions of illegal and quasi illegal immigrants in the US constitute a growing mass of bare branches.

The most harmful instance of people living beyond their means is the biological bag forced on Mother Nature--the brats of the pro-litter crowd. If an unmarried teenager has a child that teenage has lived beyond its means as it seeks public means to meet the private needs of a child born out of wedlock. This is a most obvious example of a person who has lived beyond their mental, emotional and moral means. Invariably, as evidence shows, unwanted, unplanned offspring becomes the weeds in the garden of humanity. Compared to the average child born in a financially, mentally, emotionally and morally meaningful home, the accident has a higher cost to humantiy. Quite often, the child's parent(s) lose control of their lives. Public welfare programs are supposed to stop the slide down the slippery slope of human failure into greater failure. The evidence shows that welfare is usually a cycle with babies having babies. A woman or man who does not have the various means to avoid an unwanted pregancy usually will not or cannot change for the better: their unplanned child repeating the parent's mean, meaningless morality. The persistent pattern of unwed teenagers living beyond their means has a parallel of a larger, more tragic scale.

The development of housing subdivisions in suburbs provides an example of how Mother Nature cannot support more prolittering. The upfront costs of subdivision development does not include the longterm infrastructural costs of more schools and more roads to support the people living in the subdivision. Existing homeowners must pay higher taxes to fund the increased cost of more infrastruture. Like many promises of increased tax revenues to help a community, more subdivisions prove the point that the sum of the new parts is not always greater than the old whole. Among the signs of American having lived beyond its means are the decaying new subdivisions.

As a matter of self-preservation, you should tell your children and grandchilden not to be prolitter. Do you think your world will be better if you have more wonderful grandchildren and great-grandchildren? If so, then you would think that a welfare mother will make our world better by having more kids or more multi-kids. Yes, we should all pray for more Nadia Suliemans, the octomom. Many multi-kid families prolittered more than they might have if the parents had realized they were living beyond their means because of the habitual politicians fostering monetary colonialism. Do you plan on having more kids if you are jobless or can't make ends meet? Deficits fostered a false sense of prosperity that fostered the artificial insemination by parents who were living beyond their means.

As a matter of self-preservation, you should tell your children that you were irresponsible in having more than one child and for having children before the age of thirty. Failure to use your own negligence in hammering home the anti-prolitter message will condemn your children and grandchildren to the same sadness as you are experience in seeing your world die from the anti-life on earth action of prolittering Mother Nature with babies neither She nor you can afford.

As you watch your children suffer and die from your living beyond your means because you lived beyond your means, recognize that a generational battle is brewing. Whether we have controlled depopulation or chaotic depopulation, under the principle of punishing the guilty, the prolitterers will be punished before those who lived within their means. Which generation should be euthanized: The guilty elders or the innocent young? With controlled depopulation, a prolitterer will be painlessly euthanized. With chaotic Depopulation, the prolitters will live in an ever increasing world of fear and frustration as friends and families are financially and physically cannibalized by an ever more inhumane humanity.

Churches will replace feedlots as a source of protein. The harbingers of Soya Green, where babyback ribs don't refer to pork or beef, can be found in the growing number of reported abandoned babies. Like rape, the reported number are less than the real incidences. First, we can't feed 'em then we eat 'em--see History of Cannibalism. People who claim they could never eat their children are the same people who clammered for pet rights (Holy Communion?) and pet tax credits only to abandoned their pets when the going got tough. People's values rapidly decline when they don't have a chicken in every pot.

We cannot escape our destiny. We can pray all day long with no gain of morality only more loss of more time. God's accountant on earth, Mother Nature , is holding us to account for our living beyond our means. The math is unavoidable. Praying for something for nothing every Sunday morning or before bedtime will not change how one is greater than zero. If there is one institution to blame for prolittering, it is organized religion with a moneytheistic agenda that encourages members to prolitter.

The ugly truth will remain a truth as each beautiful lie is replace by another beautiful lie of false hope. The audacity of hope? Nope. Every day we steal from the future, the dismal, disasterous future comes faster toward us as we fund the existential meltdown with more fuel, fools and falsehoods.

(Personal Note: This writer has no children for many reasons. Initially, it was because he did not want to raise kids without better financial means than his mother had provided. His mother was a prolittering welfare queen who had eight kids in nine years beginning when she was a mid-teenager. This writer knows first-hand the consequences of leg-spreaders who live beyond their means. Until his thirties, he thought being a child was a necessary, horrible stage of life fraught with insecurity, fear and angst. Babysitting for a couple of professionals with happy kids revealed that a child could be happy. [Unfortunately, these baren parents had used artificial insemination to procreate, another form of humanity living beyond its means.] The decision to adopt rather than father a child prompted a vasectomy at age 26. The desire to adopt disappeared as the implications of the two 1982 papers became clearer and clearer: Monetary Colonialism and Oil Drought. The latter forcast the collapse of life on earth due to rising CO2 levels. Why have a kid if you are going to watch it die? For the same reason, this writer decided to forgo making new friends as long-term friends died-off. Why make friends if you know they are going die or be euthanized?)

Other ways we live beyond our means that are killing life on earth.

  1. Medications to keep us happy--we ignore ugly truths.
  2. Medical care to keep us alive--we kill life on earth.

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