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BirthR n.a. txt T BirthRatesCIAFactBook.txt
DropIn H Recession may have pushed U.S. birth rate to new low 100827USAToday
HouseS 071111 H House of Saud: History and Princes
IstheG H E.J. Dionne Jr. - Is the GOP shedding a birthright? 100806WashPost
OilSoc n.a. txt T OilSoccerMoms.txt
Tenthi H Ten things we have learnt about Africa 100415BBC
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filename L Title (References AnnotationNo Orphans)
2050Po H Humans to number 9 billion by 2050 030723AssocPrs
56Year H 56-year-old gives birth to twins 041109CNN
59Year H 59 Year Old Births Twins* 041112USAToday
AsPres H As Pressure Increases, So Do Ways to Curb Polluted Runoff 050523WashPost
BabyBo H Baby Bonus in Australia: Govt denies 'baby bonus' scheme flawed 030108AuBC
BabyHo H babyholic gives birth to 15th child in UK 030308AuBC
BlueGo H Blue Gold Fossil Water* 030310WashPost
CodFis H Cod Fish Depletion* 021107NYT
Deceas H Deceased man leaves behind family of 300+ 020822StarTrib
Drug-R H Drug-Resistant Staph Germ's Toll Is Higher Than Thought 071016WashPost
Engulf H Engulfed by Climate Change, Town Seeks Lifeline - New York Times 070526NYT
flarin T flaringNotes010721.txt
HmongP H Hmong Polygamy* 021117StarTrib
Humans H Humans Have Spread Globally, and Evolved Locally 070626NYT
No19Du H Duggar baby No. 19 doing well 091218CNN
Octupl H Octuplets Sister* 021001CNN
OilAme H Oil Americans 030519Time
OilDem H Oil Demand To Rise* 020904WashPost
OilEmp H Oil Empty Saudi* 040307LaTimes
OilFie H Oil Fields Decline Saudi Arabia* 040224NYT
Oldest H Oldest114 Dies15 Heirs* 020823USAToday
OPECTa H O P E C Taxes- Dubai270 M M Resort Island* 010605Reuters
OPECwa H O P E Cwants Welfare* 031212CNN
Overpo H Overpopulation People Planet Problem 070928CNN
PoorTo H Poor To Suffer Most Climate Change* 070410CNN
Prolet H Proletariat Afghan14kids9dead* 020910WashPost
Prolet H Proletariats Mormon Leader* 020915NYT
Somali H Somalies In Maine* 020915StarTrib
Triple H Triplets China* 031014WashPost
UNStud H U.N. Study Finds Earth's Ecosystems Strained by Growing Population 050330WSJ
Wattag G WattageWasters010816WSJ.gif
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flarin J flaring-Statoil-com.jpg
humpop G humpop1.gif
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