Oil Droughts

Dust bowl: "Dust bowl is a popluar term describing a region of 150,000 square miles (390,000 sq km) in southwestern Kansas, southeastern Colorado, northeastern New Mexico, and the Oklahomas and Texas panhandles, which was devastated by drought in 1933-1939." Encyclopedia Americana, 1998, Vol. 9, page 497b.

Sahara abatement: "For seven long painful years there was a drought in . . . the Sudano-Sahel region of Africa. Whether by divine providence ... or by meterological chance, the rains have returned to the Sahel." (Nation 220: 75FE22-197)

Science 191: 76JA9-101

Soma, Petro: The description of people rioting for lower gas prices in England echoed England's definer of humans addicted to a false sense of freedom and happiness:

  • "Last week Britain was all but paralyzed as no more than 2,500 truckers and farmers protested at oil refineries and depots throughout the country, persuading tanker drivers to stay inside." (Time, Sept 25, 2000)
  • "Soma distribution!" shouted a loud voice. "In good order, please, Hurry up there." (Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, 1932, Chapter 15, paragraph 6)

Swollen, Stuck Doors: The author lived for over 20 years in a house outside the S.E. drought envelope. In the summer of 2000, every few days it rained harder than the author ever recalled. The rain was so much, so often, that doors inside the house swelled from the high, constant humidity. Never had the doors stuck in twenty years. With the shifting seasonal rains, Virginia entered an extended dry period while the fall winds of which the Spanish fleets took advantage shift the envelope southward: Miami's record torrential rainfall in Fall, 2000.

Texas Oil Fields: "Finally, the opening of the giant east Texas field in the early 1930's produced such a flood of oil that the Texas legislature eventually adopted a policy of limiting production to protect the market and to conserve the state's most valuable natural resource." Encyclopedia Americana, 1998, "Texas", Vol 26, page 549b.

The following map is from "www.griffin.peachnet.edu/caes/drought/links/ndmlink.htm." and is updated weekly.

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