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USAToday High heat: The wave of the future?
  1. A preview of the future — much hotter decades on a warming planet — has been delivered today by the continent-spanning heat wave
  2. "Heat wave projections all agree. They are going to intensify in length and frequency
  3. Global warming is projected to raise average temperatures worldwide about 3 to 9 degrees in this century
  4. an unusually strong ridge of high pressure lasting for weeks across most Central and Eastern states caused the heat wave now gripping the country
  5. "Some people suggest a 1-degree increase isn't such a big deal, but here we can see what sort of heat extremes it can to lead to
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WashPost Saving Earth From the Ground Up -
  1. four out of every five living creatures on Earth is a nematode? The whole bloody planet is crawling.
  2. "We are flying blind in many aspects of preserving the environment, and that's why we are so surprised when a species like the honeybee starts to crash, or an insect we don't want, the Asian tiger mosquito or the fire ant, appears in our midst." In other words: Start thinking about the bugs.
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USAToday Living Simply Provides Economic Shelter
  1. For starters, she has no car and commutes by bicycle each workday. She also has no mortgage payment and chooses to live in an "intentional community," a partly shared space where $775 a month covers everything from utilities to meals.
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Debate Follows Bills to Remove Clotheslines Bans -
  1. clothes dryers use at least 6 percent of all household electricity consumption.
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WashPost To fix climate change, stop going green all alone
  1. Instead of continuing our faddish and counterproductive emphasis on small, voluntary actions, we should follow the example of Americans during past moral crises and work toward large-scale change.
  2. And in the 1960s, civil rights activists didn't ask bigoted Southern governors and sheriffs to consider "10 Ways to Go Integrated" at their convenience.
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WashPost With help from Sweden, 4 Northern Virginia families are 'Climate Pilots'
  1. geothermal heat pump in their front yard that will tap the Earth's constant temperature to warm their home more efficiently.
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GardenMandy Think You Can Offset Your Carbon Footprint? Think Again
  1. Planting Trees Is Not Enough. Here’s Why:
  2. In some areas where this plan of large-scale tree planting has been implemented, there were measurable reductions in available water in local streams, creating problems for the inhabitants of those areas who rely completely on the local water supply
  3. The war to reduce carbon emissions is fought on the individual level.

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