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1 ------ jpg Mpls Mn Bk Water Fee
2 ------ jpg Survivor W T C Time Mag
3 010416 htm NYT Texas Water Not Oil Is Gold
  1. Mr. Pickens is proposing to pump tens of billions of gallons — to the highest bidder.
  2. There are even "water ranches" popping up around the state.
  3. The Rio Grande, a primary water source for counties along the Mexican border, is so dry that this month it failed for the first time in 50 years to reach the Gulf of Mexico, stopping 50 feet short
4 020205 htm WSJ Water Privitization World Wide
  1. All across the developing world, local residents have protested the tendency by a new wave of private water ventures to raise prices and concentrate on serving more affluent neighborhoods at the expense of poor ones.
  2. Water privatization isn't new. Most of the U.S.'s municipal water supplies were privately run before cities took over to ensure the infrastructure kept up with growth. But privatization has taken on new significance as the world population has increasingly outstripped local governments' ability to keep water supplies growing apace, water experts say.
  3. An estimated 1.2 billion people -- nearly a sixth of the globe -- currently don't have access to clean water
  4. Others oppose privatization altogether. They fret that big water monopolies could develop over time, eclipsing government's ability to keep them in line. "If you like what they did to electricity,"
5 020420 gif WSJ privatewater02191849020420 W S J
6 020731 jpg NYT Water Bottle Hamas Attack020731 N Y T
7 020816 jpg Time Water Jug Boy020816 Time
8 020816 txt Time Water Jug Boy020816 Time
9 020915 htm StarTrib Sea Of Galilee
  1. These days, even the lowest sinner can walk out onto the Sea of Galilee
  2. It is hardly a feat of faith. The water is simply not there anymore, at least along vast stretches of bottom laid bare by a precipitous drop in the water level in recent years.
  3. The crisis forced Tal to curtail water for Israeli agriculture by a third. Some products requiring considerable irrigation, such as citrus fruits, were abandoned by many growers.
10 020920 jpg Time bomb P O T W020920 Time
## YYMMDD ext Source Title and Notes (if any) *Title from filename
11 021105 htm NYT Arkansas Rice Farmers Run Dry, and U.S. Remedy Sets Off Debate
  1. Rice farmers like John Kerksieck are on the brink of draining one of Arkansas' biggest aquifers dry
  2. If the government rewards farmers who use up their water here, they say, what is to stop others from doing the same?
12 991129 gif NBC riverbasinstress991129 N B C

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