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AuBC Water Speculators Outlawed: Libs convention votes to outlaw water speculators
  1. The Liberal Party's national convention has passed a resolution blocking speculators from participating in the water market.
  2. The motion put forward by NSW Senator Bill Heffernan, limits water trading to people who can prove they need to use the water.
  3. Senator Heffernan says this includes farmers, irrigators, environmental groups and urban communities, but not banks or foreign investors
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WSJ Water Date Stamped
  1. [Planned obsolescence: dated water-RSB]
  2. It's rough enough that the millions of Americans who buy bottled water are paying for something that used to basically be free. But even harder to stomach is the message that comes on the bottle: Like milk and eggs, water now "expires."
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Time Water Privatization Ghana
  1. Backed by the World Bank and the IMF, Ghana's government was readying its water system for privatization.
  2. Under Amenga-Etego's model, the government supplies a town with bulk water, and the local community handles distribution, tariff collection and maintenance. Local management makes the system more accountable, he believes: "It's putting power back into people's hands. Water is life, and if people have control over their lives, they are empowered to be more productive."
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Reuters Bottled Water Contaminated
  1. 'High Levels' of Bacteria Found in Bottled Water
  2. Overall, 40 percent of all samples showed evidence of contamination with either bacteria or fungi. Bacteria could be grown in lab cultures from 21 samples.
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WashPost Bottlers, States and the Public Slug It Out in Water War
  1. The spring-water business is an old one: The first three-gallon jug of water from the actual Poland Spring was sold for 15 cents in 1845, and in western Maryland, Deer Park spring water was first bottled for railroad passengers in 1873.
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(Appended) The Beacon - A problem of thirst: America's freshwater is in jeopardy ... Source: WillksBeaconCon
  1. The problem is two-fold: Americans, and indeed people all over the world, use too much water, and widespread climate change is manifesting as drought in many regions
  2. About 300 gallons of water could be saved every month by placing a plastic bottle filled with pebbles in the toilet tank, which causes less water to be used with every flush. If you turn off the water while shaving and brushing your teeth you can save six gallons of water a day. By shortening your showers one or two minutes you can save up to 700 gallons of water per month, and if you install a water-saving shower head or flow restrictor, you can save an additional 500-800 gallons per month.
  3. By washing your dishes by hand you can save anywhere between 200-500 gallons of water in the kitchen by just filling one side of the sink up with water that you will use for rinsing dishes. You can reduce the amount of water used to rinse off detergent by using a smaller amount, which will save 50-150 gallons of water. If you do use the dishwasher or even the washing machine, only wash full loads, because you can save 300-800 gallons of water per month.
  4. When preparing a meal you can save 150-250 gallons of water per month by filling up a bowl and dipping your vegetables in it instead of letting the faucet run over them. You can also keep bottles of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of getting it from the tap, because it saves 200 to 300 gallons of water a month.
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CommonDreams » Print » One of History’s Great Atrocities: The Corporate Theft of the Public’s Natural Right to Water
  1. The Growing Debate on who will Control the World’s Water Supply
  2. An Innate Right
  3. Water is a Means to Life
  4. The “Blue Gold” of the 21st Century
  5. Water Privatization in the Western Hemisphere
  6. Mexico
  7. Stockton
  8. Walkerton
  9. Cochabamba
  10. The Price of a Bottle
  11. Water Democracy
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(Appended) Ecology begins statewide rulemaking for rainwater collection ... Source: EcologyWaState
  1. Ecology doesn't require homeowners to obtain water right permits to collect and store small amounts of rainwater.
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GroovyGreen Illegal Rain Barrels In Colorado
  1. Rain barrels there, you see, are outlawed. Colorado state law mandates that any water falling from the air is not yours
  2. Additionally, any and all water that comes from tap may only be used once. “Denver water customers are not permitted to take their bath or laundry water (commonly referred to as gray water) and dump it on their outdoor plants or garden.”
  3. The rain barrel is the bong of the Colorado garden. It’s legal to sell one. It’s legal to own one. It’s just not legal to use it for its intended purpose.
14 080630 htm
Reuters Greece Water To Spain
  1. Parched Cyprus took its first delivery of water by ship from Greece on Monday to stave off a drought which has sapped water reserves to critically low levels and triggered emergency rationing.
  2. Cyprus has one of the highest concentrations of reservoirs in the world, but they were only 7.2 percent full on Monday, containing 19.7 million cubic metres of water

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