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BinLad O Bin Laden blasts US for climate change 100129WashPost
InLoui O In Louisiana, hopes swell for quick drilling return 100623Reuters
RickSa O No Volcanos On Iceland 100518Ning
WhiteH O White House Altered Climate Change Testimony 072024WashPost
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Action O Action On Carbon Capture Is Lacking 071108USAToday
AHosti O Washington Sketch: A hostile climate for Sen. Inhofe the warming skeptic 091027WashPost
AideSo H Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming - New York Times 050608NYT
AllenC H Allen Callsfor More Oil Production* 010531RTD
Arizon O Arizona Looks To Outlaw Global Warming Legislation 090624DailyTech
BushAp O Bush Appointees Land Career Science Jobs With Seemingly Unrelated Backgrounds 081122WashPost
Censor O Censorship Is Alleged at NOAA 060211WashPost
Climat H Climate Programs Fuel Dispute* 010628CNN
Climat H Climate Reports, Edited to Fit (5 Letters) 050610NYT
Cooney J CooneyEditingExample050608NYT.jpg
Editor H Editor of Climate Reports Resigns 050610NYT
Electr O Electricity Use America* 010816WSJ
Evange O Evangelical Body Stays Course on Warming 070310WashPost
Exhibi O ExhibitChangesAtSmithsonianOnClimateChange071116WashPost.htm 071116WashPost
FarmsM O Farms May Be Exempted From Emission Rules 080226WashPost
Federa O Federal Loans for Coal Plants Clash With Carbon Cuts - 070514WashPost
Gaslin O Gasline And Projected Use China* 010816WSJ
Height O Research shows heightened CO2 boosts tree growth 080123DailyMiningGaz
HotAir O Hot Air And Global Warming Samuelson* 070207WashPost
Initia O Industry Groups Take the Initiative With Senate Climate Bill Near 090831WashPost
InPoor O In Poorer Nations, Energy Needs Trump Climate Issues 090908WashPost
LaborP O Labor Pushes For Energy Jobs* 010805WashPost
Lastch O George F. Will - The last chance for Earth -- until the next one 091206WashPost
NewGro O New Groups Revive the Debate Over Causes of Climate Change 090925WashPost
Novelt H Books Novel take on global warming 050929Guardian
Offici H Official Played Down Emissions' Links to Global Warming - New York Times 050607NYT
OilDem H Oil Demand* 020808Newsweek
OilDoe O Oil Doesn't Want Focus on Big Profit 051026WashPost
Origin O Origins of the “Global Warming” Scare 091030WorldPress
Politi O The Politics of Science 060209WashPost
Pollut O Polluters Manipulate Climate Info Gore Says 070808USAToday
Recast O Recasting Big Oil's Battered Image - 070928WashPost
RVsBec O R Vs Beckon Baby Boomers Despite Fuel Costs 080320USAToday
Scient O Scientists Fault Climate Exhibit Changes 071115WashPost
SenBox O Sen. Boxer Seeks Answers On Redacted Testimony 071025WashPost
TreesC O Trees C02 Eaters* 031210WSJ
WhiteH H White House Calls Editing Climate Files Part of Usual Review - New York Times 050609NYT
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