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Bush Nile Virusstory
2 ------ htm (see webpage) Non Pharmaceutical Health Care Ltd [Uploaded 071111
  1. It is our hypothesis that there is overwhelming scientific, medical and empirical evidence THAT ……
    it is possible to slow the ageing process, to assist the prevention of the onset of degenerative diseases and to extend your lifespan if you avoid the damaging effects of excess acid and carbon dioxide in your body.
  2. Average humans produce in their cells a total of half to one kilogram of carbon dioxide per day
3 ------ pdf
F S A D State Growth
4 ------ pdf
F S Alzheimer Stats
5 ------ htm
(see webpage) Innate Immunity - Wikipedia
6 ------ htm
(see webpage) Marked Increase in Alzheimer's Disease Identified in Medicare Claims Records Between 1991 and 1999 -- Taylor et al. 59 (7): M762 -- Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences
  1. Epidemiologic evidence suggests that African Americans have higher rates of Alzheimer's disease (AD) than do whites
  2. Age-adjusted rates of Medicare beneficiaries identified as having AD rose from 1991–1999 for all groups studied, but particularly among African Americans. In 1991, African Americans made up 6.5% of the identified AD cases but comprised 11.0% of cases in 1999
  3. Reasons for increased identification of AD in Medicare claims is likely multifactorial; sharp increases among African Americans may reflect improved access.
7 ------ htm
(see webpage) About Alzheimer's | Statistics about Alzheimer's Disease
  1. An estimated 4.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. The number of Americans with Alzheimer’s has more than doubled since 1980
  2. A person with Alzheimer’s disease will live an average of eight years and as many as 20 years or more from the onset of symptoms as estimated by relatives
  3. National direct and indirect annual costs of caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease are at least $100 billion,
  4. The average cost for nursing home care is $42,000 per year but can exceed $70,000 per year in some areas of the countr
  5. The average lifetime cost of care for an individual with Alzheimer’s is $174,000
8 040815 htm
Bloomberg Rise in Brain Disease Linked to Environment, Observer Reports
  1. A worsening environment in the world's most developed nations is causing rising cases of brain disease
9 041227 htm
NYT Autism Therapies Still a Mystery, But Parents Take a Leap of Faith
  1. A government-appointed panel has endorsed such therapies, which can cost $40,000 to more than $60,000 per year
  2. A therapy called applied behavior analysis is the most studied and most commonly used. In this approach, the therapist begins by working one on one with a child, often 20 to 40 hours a week
10 070121 htm
Newsweek When The Body Attacks Itself | Print Article |
  1. Mary Carmichael
  2. The immune system is what keeps most people's bodies healthy and free of disease, but for as many as 23 million Americans, it is a cause of disease
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11 070526 htm
USAToday Spread Of Diseases Climate Change
  1. Animals and insects can change their behaviors and expand their geographic range in response to changes in the climate and other environmental influences, experts said Tuesday.
  2. "Infectious diseases are a moving target," said microbiologist Rita Colwell of the University of Maryland. "As climate changes, so do infectious diseases."
  3. Flu is a winter disease in North America, but occurs year-round in the tropics.
  4. Extreme weather conditions such as floods and hurricanes not only cause immediate death and injury but also can result in a spike in infectious diseases
12 070611 htm
USAToday Heart disease treatments may slow Alzheimer
  1. [Reviewd]
13 071224 htm
NYT As Earth Warms Up, Tropical Virus Moves to Italy - New York Times
  1. Aided by and globalization, Castiglione di Cervia has the dubious distinction of playing host to the first outbreak in modern Europe of a disease that had previously been seen only in the tropic
14 080109 htm
BusWeek Chromosome Abnormality Linked to Autism
  1. Scientists have discovered the strongest link yet between specific chromosomal abnormalities and an increased risk of autism, the neurological disorder that affects up to one in every 166 children in the U.S
15 080110 htm
NYT Study Says DNA Flaw May Raise Autism Risk - New York Times
  1. A rare genetic flaw that occurs spontaneously near or during conception may sharply increase the risk that a child will develop autism, researchers reported Wednesday.
  2. Up to one in 150 children born in the United States show some evidence of the social and learning difficulties that characterize autism,
16 080303 htm
WashPost Immune Systems Increasingly On Attack
  1. First, asthma cases shot up, along with hay fever and other common allergic reactions, such as eczema. Then, pediatricians started seeing more children with food allergies. Now, experts are increasingly convinced that a suspected jump in lupus, multiple sclerosis and other afflictions caused by misfiring immune systems is real
17 080317 htm
USAToday 18% of all boomers expected to develop Alzheimer's
  1. Americans are developing Alzheimer's at an accelerating rate
  2. 70% of people with Alzheimer's and other dementias live at home, where friends and family members pitch in to help them, often at great cost
  3. In 2007, nearly 10 million Americans ages 18 and older provided 8.4 billion hours of unpaid care to Alzheimer's patients — care valued at about $89 billion.
  4. The coming Alzheimer's epidemic will, if left unchecked, put a huge strain on the health care system, including Medicare. In 2005, Medicare spent $91 billion on Alzheimer's and other dementias, and spending could jump to $160 billion by 2010 and $189 billion by 2015.
18 081103 htm
USAToday Rain And Autism Link Reported
  1. The scientists speculate that the precipitation itself, which might carry pollutants, or its possible consequences, such as increased TV-watching, decreased vitamin D levels or increased exposure to household chemicals, might trigger autism in genetically susceptible children.
19 090413 htm
TaipeiTimes Taipei Times - archives
  1. The world economy will shrink this year for the first time since 1945
  2. globalization, defined as the increase in worldwide networks of interdependence
  3. Since 1973, 30 previously unknown infectious diseases have emerged, and other familiar diseases have spread geographically in new, drug-resistant form
20 090921 htm
Bloomberg Rise In Alzheimer Dementia Faster
  1. The number of dementia sufferers may almost double every 20 years to 115.4 million in 2050
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21 091213 htm
Koalas in Australia dying from AIDS, habitat loss
  1. National koala population has fallen from 100,000 to under 43,000 in the past six years
  2. Koalas have suffered from Chlamydia, dog attacks, cars and habitat loss
  3. Koala AIDS, for which there no vaccine or cure, is also plaguing the population

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