What do the following events or activities have in common?

  1. Smokers have a significantly higher incidence of Alzheimers.
  2. People living downwind from fossil-fuel power plants have higher incidences of Alzheimers.
  3. Farmers, who spend a lot of time in fossil-fueled tractors, have higher incidences of Alzheimers.
  4. People living near a busy highway (based on a two-decade-long study) have a higher incidence of Alzheimers. The interesting thing is that there was an obvious decline in incidence and onset every 50 yards distance from the highway.
    The probable common denominator is the chronic level of CO2 in one's daily life or lifestyle. Rising CO2 is like playing Russian roulette with one's life: Each increase in p.p.m. being akin to chambering an additional bullet each time you spin the cylinder.

Alpha Trifecta: Alzheimers, Autism, ADHD

Based on personal and other research, this writer is convinced that the rise in the Alpha Trifecta is due to the rise in CO2. With the exception of water (H20) and oxygen (O2), no molecule is more integrated into life than CO2. To think that environmental CO2 can be changed without mental effects on the most complex, dynamic bag of chemicals--the human brain--is wishful, wasteful thinking. CO2 is viewed as the culprit in the demise of the most evolved insect, the bee.

The following summarizes the importance of CO2:

In people, diseases that utilise carbon dioxide concentrations as the destructive step in the disease pathogenesis include: [outline added for clarity]
  1. osteoarthritis (carbon dioxide is involved in the dissolution of joint cartilage);
  2. osteoporosis (carbon dioxide is involved in the dissolution of bone substance);
  3. neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease (carbon dioxide is involved in the acidity of lysosomes and the necrosis of brain cells);
  4. autoimmune diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis (carbon dioxide is involved in the acidity of lysosomes and in the inflammatory reaction);
  5. and a range of age-related degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis (carbon dioxide is involved in the acidity of lysosomes and in the inflammatory reaction).

In addition, many skin diseases and many cancers derive from epithelial tissues where carbon dioxide concentrations are high and acidic conditions are common.
Source:  CarbonDioxideAndHealth-nonpharmceuticals.

Simple studies can prove that rising CO2 potentiates Altzhimers, causing earlier on-set with deeper dementia, e.g., laboratory animals in elevated CO2 environments. Similar studies can show the impact of rising CO2 in the epidemic of autism and attention-deficit-disorder. Suffice it to say, caregivers for loved ones suffering from the Alpha Trifecta need only look in their driveways for their contribution to enfeebled minds. People concerned about poisoning from asbestos and lead paint are being blindsided by a greater, ever present pollution that is dumbing down humanity with each breath. Changes in CO2 is a de facto universal HIV agent.

Vaccines don't cause autism as some parents think. American parents cause autism, parents who want someone else or some thing else to blame for their troubles. Such parents are petrophiliacs. The real impact of CO2 on humanity is not global warming or global drying/drenching. The rear impact is global dementia.

The data on autism is very discouraging because of the rapidly approaching derived conclusion:

  1. In 1970, autism was diagnosed 1 in 17,500 births.
  2. In 1975, autism was diagnosed 1 in 15,000 births.
  3. In 2005, autism was diagnosed 1 in 156 births.
  4. In 2007, one investigator claimed a rate of 1 in 10.

Consider how the lifelong cost of autism is projected at $2.5 to $3.5 million. Considering the near-future projected endpoint of autism birthrate (1 in 1), who is going to being working to pay the cost of taking care of autistic human beings since autistic cannot take care of themselves? As America experience new social-economic dynamics from the baby-boomers bubble, consider the dynamics of an autistic atom bomb where the aging population is taking care of kids that can neither take care of themselves nor take care of the aged. This is one of the factors contributing to the existential meltdown. Global warming has metastasized into many symptoms of global dying one of which is the global dumbing from the alpha trifecta.

The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly but Surely

No nation is more responsible global dying than the United States of America. Of course, the habitual politicians of Washington, DC, could not have legislated illogical and immoral policies without the co-enabling of greedy foreign politicians and businessmen. Fittingly and justly, no nation is suffering more from the Alpha Trifecta than the United States. In having a higher atmospheric concentration of CO2 from being the greatest per capita CO2 sinner, the citizens of the United States have long been exihibiting the consequences of CO2 mental impairment.

  1. Decreased appreciation of and respect for education.
  2. Increase of high school and college diploma mills
  3. Increase of hyperactivity sports.
  4. Increase of hyperactivity newscasters.
  5. Increase in funny mentalism.
  6. Increase of evilution
  7. Increase of talkshow truthiness.
  8. Increase of wage-taking glorification: sports, entertainment, socialites, and tax-cheats.
  9. etc.

As the per capita integrity of intellect and intelligence has declined, so has the not only the ability to solve the growing number of problems but so has the abilty to recognize the problems. We are in an existential meltdown. Humanity will not last nor will life on earth be saved, for in principle, no nation has the foundations for the needed better democracy and capitalism. China's precipitous rise is not based on better problem-solving but on "re-emperorification" whereby a small number of moral eunuchs enslave the yellow masses into laboring for spheres of foreign influence. As the United States will collapse into social, economic and political chaos so will China. What's left to organize a global effort to save life on earth? Nobody and nothing. The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly but Surely.


  1. What is possible and permissible on a cruise ship is not viable on a sinking cruise ship. Likewise with an expanding or contracting economy: The ability of Mother Nature to care for members of the Alpha Trifecta has ceased to be an ablity. A traumatic, necessary decision is to initiate euthanizing humans who are part of the problem rather than part of the solution based on time-creation of lifehours. Blackholes sucking in he lifehours of others through crime, taxes, inflation or inabilities must be euthanized to save life on earth. Otherwise, none of use will get off of deathrow. Parents who allowed or encouraged the ADHD diagnosis of their child will be either joyful or tearful. Who will tie the bell on the old cat's tail?
  2. 100808 The massive Russian fires show the effects of rising global dying on all classes of people as the smog of forest fires double the number of people dying in Moscow each day. Rising CO2 ramifications do not discriminate based on financial gain.
  3. The granddaddy and mother of all mass extinctions (1 of 5) on the planet earth was at the end of Permian period (about 250 million years ago) when about 95% of life disappeared in about 60,000 years. The extinction has been tied to sudden rise in CO2 that not only raised the ocean temperature but acidified the ocean.
  4. 140528 News reports show that portable classrooms have CO2 levels twice the atmospheric level (800 vs. 400) along with many of the health problems cited above. How interesting that environment for teaching is an environment for dumbing. There are almost 400,000 portable classrooms. While not a supporter of home schooling, I would not send my children to a school that uses protable classrooms. Might as well send them to Aushwicz.

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