Texas Deserts?

If there is one state in the Union that deserves the full impact of local warming and torrential downpours from CO2 atmospheric increases, it is Texas.

  1. Texans gave America the 1930's and 1950's Dustbowls.
  2. Texans removed their energy grid from the national grid (1970s) so as to price gouge other Americans when the grid was re-connected.
  3. The Texas Oil Cartel is responsible for the major global oil fields behind the world's major droughts.
  4. Texans through the money dictators and the Texas Oil Cartel, stuck humanity with two money-grubbing, oil-robber barons in the White House--see bushitters .
  5. A Texan--James Baker--rushed to Florida and proclaimed that the votes had been counted and recounted when "in fact, 18 of the state's 67 counties never recounted the ballots at all."

Long before the first primary vote was cast, a bunch of oil-rich Texans annointed Georgee to get the Republican nomination. Despite stumbling and voting fraud in the primaries, Georgee became the standard bearer. He would not be in the White House were it not for his brother from Texas controlling the Florida voting as governor of Florida--Voting Fraud. He would not be in the White House were it not for a Supreme Court that violated the Constitution, in part, because of Texans:

  • one who professed her desire for Georgee over Gore on election night, Sandra Day O'Connor, and,
  • the Chief Justice who also comes from Texas as a Republican partisan.

Texans will receive what they conceive. What Georgee is doing to California--ignoring its energy problems--a bigger power is doing to Texas. Mother Nature will have the final word regardless of the lying words from Texas politicians. From their own actions, Texans will get drought and deluge. Texas is the China of America: size, oil, drought, and politicians. Playing team-tag with Texas for the deserved honors is Floridah, land of Jeb Bush and Katherine What's Her Name.

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